Siemens TSP-XC TSP-40A Cable Kit for FireFinder-XLS, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions TSP XC Cable Kit for FireFinder XLS Model TSP XC Cable Kit from Siemens Industry Inc is used to wire TSP 40A to FireFinder XLS Systems The two cables in the TSP XC kit replace the P Ns 600 290606 and 600 290607 that are shipped with the TSP 40A additional information on the FireFinder XLS System refer to the FireFinder XLS Panel Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual P N 315 033744 For on installing the TSP 40A in a FireFinder XLS System refer to installation P N 315 049949 of the TSP 40A in a FireFinder XLS System requires the following kits 500 634933 500 849949 500 849950 Printer Module U Shaped Bracket and Front Plate Cable Kit TSP 40A printer modules comes with two cables P N 600 290607 and P N 600 These cables are used only in MXL MXLV System installations The two used in FireFinder XLS Systems installations two conductor power cable a data cable contained in the TSP XC cable kit P N 500 849950 two conductor power cable has a plug on one end that connects to P1 on the The power cable is provided at a length of 5 feet Cut the wire to the length and strip the insulation from the end of the wire 1 4 3 8 The wired end to the terminals on TB 4 of the PSC 12 or PSX 12 with the red wire going the positive terminal and the black wire going to the negative terminal data ribbon cable connects to P3 on the TSP 40A and to either JP4 on the back the PMI note that the silk screen on the PMI indicates NIM 1M or to J13 on the of the PMI 2 note that the silk screen on the PMI 2 indicates TSP 40A Both of the data cable have the same keyed plug that fits only one way onto the to Figure 1 for the location of the terminals on the TSP 40A Figure 2 for the of the connection to JP4 on the back of the PMI and Figure 3 for the location the connection to J13 on the back on the PMI 2 315 049950 3 Inc Inc Inc Industry Inc Inc TTTTTececececechnologies Di Di Di Division Di JP4 ON BACK OF PMI SCREEN NIM 1M J13 ON BACK OF PMI 2 SCREEN TSP 40A 1 the TSP 40A 0 0 0 DEBUG 9 2 Data Cable Connection on Back of PMI 1 2 2 3 4 P3 ON CABLE P3 ON CABLE 3 Data Cable Connection on Back of PMI 2 Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Canada Limited Technologies Division Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada 315 049950 3

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