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www usa siemens com txr320 Conventional Panel Deluge Agent Releasing all field configurable all in one panel TXR 320 conventional releasing panel is a cost effective for small to mid sized environments such as school office data rooms and file storage areas Compare TXR 320 to its toughest competitors It compares to all of them 3 in 1 unit is a dual zone two hazard releasing control that is field configurable for three releasing type Deluge Sprinkler Systems Pre action Sprinkler and Agent Release Systems Agent Release Systems There are advanced fire systems that can discriminate between phenomena and an actual fire They release suppression agents such as Siemens Sinorix or Sinorix 1230 to protect areas that contain vital and mission critical operations Deluge Sprinkler Systems These sprinklers are open at Pre Action Sprinkler Systems These systems contain an fire detection device that will recognize a fire the sprinklers are activated They are used in areas are at risk for serious water damage due to damaged or piping times and a fire detection device controls the main to open the main water supply so hazardous areas contain flammable liquids chemicals and explosives be quickly wet down field programmability the panel is fast and simple Select from pre configured modes of operation right from the panel There is no need for a laptop or complicated for infrastructure Advanced or future can be added as required the system optional configuration Model TCFG 300 to install TXR 320 comes complete with a door black enclosure durable lock key and space to mount up to 12 AH against false dumps with special release activation the TXR 320 prevents a dump of the suppression agent with conventional detectors TXR 320 is compatible with HI121 OP121 PE 11 and DI 3 detectors conventional detector utilizes the Model DB 11 detector base and flexible range of options panel is equipped with six class B input and four class B output circuits at 1.7 Amps with a maximum total of 5 Amps per system Optional A converter modules which convert B Style B circuits to class A Style are available for both input and circuits circuits one to four can be as non verified alarm non supervisory latching supervisory agent release water flow Initiating five and six can be configured as release initiating abort initiating abort manual release combination optional TICAC Converter Module initiating circuits to class A D Six class B Style B initiating five and six can be configured as release initiating abort initiating abort manual release combination class B Style B NAC indicating can be configured for silenceable non silenceable signal silenceable non silenceable strobe or releasing circuits 3 4 only circuits can be converted to A Style D using the TOCAC Module on board relays are configurable common Alarm which cannot disconnected auxiliary Alarm capable common and common Trouble operation membrane control buttons serve as input for Acknowledge Alarm Silence System Reset command functionality user and maintenance level functions such as System Enable Disable are accomplished through the membrane buttons For added security functions are password programming optional configuration tool Model features a backlit 20 character display LCD screen of up to lines Conventional releasing panel can be configured for three function types Easy to program no tools or necessary Class A B circuitry 5 Amps power supply Single or dual hazard with internal and relays Optional configuration tool module relay modules annunciators and modules are also UL 864 9th Edition Listed Listed Industry Inc Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 973 593 6670 information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options which do not always have to be present in individual cases The required features therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract rights reserved Printed in USA 153 FIS 130 Siemens Industry Inc

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