Siemens VPM, VPM-MP and VESDA-HLI-KIT VESDA Desigo High-Level Interface Equipment, Data Sheet

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XLS High Level Interface Equipment VPM VPM MP and VESDA HLI KIT Intelligent addressable and supervised module Allows for a single point of control at the FireFinder XLS AND ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS Sheet Safety Products with bi directional data to multiple VESDA Capability for FireFinder XLS to annunciate 1 and 2 levels from any zone on any VESDA network Supports two 2 independent VESDA networks up to 100 VESDA detectors each Downloadable module firmware Remote or main panel enclosure mounting UL 864 9th Edition Listed ULC Listed FM Approved Overview Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus VESDA Module Model VPM and the VESDA High Interface Kit Model VESDA HLI KIT are optional XLS modules that work in conjunction to bi directional communication between the XLS fire alarm control panel FACP and VESDA detection networks for the following of VESDA detectors FireTRACER VPM allows each FireFinder XLS FACP to 1 and 2 levels as as provide from any zone on a connected network VPM allows Model PMI to annunciate detailed codes sent by VESDAnet When used VESDAScanners Model PMI displays the events to individual pipe VPM Mounting plate Model VPM MP allows one 1 Model VPM and two 2 of Model inside a standard FireFinder XLS Model Model CAB2 or Model CAB3 enclosures Model utilizes two 2 module spaces on a single of each enclosure Industry Inc Infrastructure Building Products VESDAnet Socket Card provides the terminals to the VESDAnet field wiring as well as the 24VDC for the board The card is mounted on a VPM MP stand offs Additional stand offs are on Model VPM MP should a second card be VPM contains two 2 RS serial ports for to two 2 independent VESDA high level VESDA HLI KIT includes one 1 set of the following VESDA high level interface VESDAnet socket 10 position 9 cable 3 wire 6 cable The 9 inch cable is for connection between VPM and Model VESDA HLI The 6 cable connects Model VESDA HLI to VESDAnet socket The VESDAnet socket is for connection to VESDA network VESDAnet Interface Equipment 6357 continued VESDA high level interface supports up to 100 detectors of the following types FireTRACER VPM connects to a FACP via a RS interface to the FireFinder XLS Network Interface Model NIC C allowing a Model VPM and Model combination to be mounted up to 2,000 from the main FACP power of 24VDC nominal is required to run VPM and can be provided from either a Model Power Supply or Model PSX 12 Power Supply located within the FireFinder XLS system Model VPM can also be powered by the PAD 3 auxiliary power supply Documentation Sheet Number Auxiliary Power Supply Enclosures and Humidity Range are UL 864 9th Edition Listed for indoor locations within a temperature range of 120 49 2 to 32 3 0 2 and a relative of 93 2 at a temperature of 90 3 Ratings Back Plane Current Terminal 24V Current Back Plane Current Standby Current For power supply loads as well as battery size each Model VPM module draws 150mA screw terminal current plus 70mA for each VESDA HLI KIT inserted under each Model of Devices For use with VESDA detectors Model Type for Ordering VESDA Peripheral Module Plate for Peripheral Module VESDA High Level Interface Kit This marketing data sheet is not intended to be used for system design or installation purposes the most up to date information refer to each product installation instructions Industry Inc Infrastructure Building Safety Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 973 593 2600 908 547 6877 www usa Siemens com Fire in U S A Safety Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada 905 799 9937 905 799 9858 2019 2

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