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Product Ionization Smoke Detector and Engineering Specifications ionization smoke detector shall be a System Sensor model number 1251B Smoke shall be an addressable intelligent ionization smoke detector and shall connect with two to the fire alarm control panel signaling line circuit SLC The detectors shall incorporate a single source dual chamber design to respond quickly and dependably to a broad range fires and shall on command from the control panel send data to the panel representing the level of smoke density detectors shall provide address setting means on the detector head using rotary switches of the possibility of installation error systems that use binary jumpers or DIP switches to the detector address are not acceptable The detectors shall also store an internal identifying that the control panel shall use to identify the type of detector Systems that require a programmer to set the detector address including temporary connection at the panel are intensive and not acceptable Each detector occupies any one of at least 99 possible on the SLC loop It responds to regular polls from the system and reports its type and detector can have its sensitivity tested required per NFPA 72 2007 Edition Chapter 7 on Testing and Maintenance when installed connected to a compatible addressable fire control panel detectors shall provide a test means whereby they will simulate an alarm condition and report condition to the control panel Such a test may be initiated at the detector itself by activating switch or initiated remotely on command from the control panel There are three test methods magnet smoke entry aerosol or panel detectors shall provide two LEDs to provide 360 visibility The LEDs are placed into steady illumination by the control panel indicating that an alarm condition has been detected An connection shall also be provided in the base to connect an external remote alarm LED base and or relay base optional accessories The external remote alarm can be to other sounder or relay bases for activating all devices in a space via a single unit LEDs on the sensor are controlled by the panel to indicate sensor status Coded signals from the panel can cause the LEDs to blink latch on or latch off Refer to the control technical documentation for sensor LED status operation and expected delay to alarm detectors shall be low profile ceiling mount wall mount and shall be plug in mounted into a base These detectors shall be constructed of off white UV resistant polymer and shall detachable from the mounting base to simplify installation service and maintenance Wiring shall be made by means of SEMS screws The detector shall allow pre wiring of the and the head shall be a plug in type Mounting base shall be mounted on junction box is at least 1.5 inches 3.81 cm deep Mounting base shall be available to mount to junction boxes Suitable boxes include 10.16 cm square box with and without plaster ring 10.16 cm octagonal box 8.89 cm octagonal box box Agency Standards 268 Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Signaling Systems 2010 CAN ULC S529 Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems 3230 3250 Smoke Actuated Detectors for Automatic Fire Alarm Signaling 2010

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