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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Photoelectric Smoke Detector USE WITH INNOVAIRFLEX 4 WIRE DUCT SMOKE DETECTOR OR PENDANT MOUNT APPLICATIONS Temperature Range Humidity Range in in 6.1 in oz 88 g to 70 to 158 to 95 Relative Humidity Non condensing 3825 Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 INSTALLING thoroughly read System Sensor Applications Guide for System Smoke SPAG91 which provides detailed information on detector spacing zoning wiring and special applications This manual is available at www systemsensor com This manual should be left with the owner user of this equipment The detector must be tested and maintained regularly following 72 requirements The detector should be cleaned at least once a year DESCRIPTION 2D51 photoelectronic detector uses a state of the art optical sensing This detector is designed to provide protection in duct applications installed with an Innovair Flex 4 wire duct smoke detector housing and be used with compatible UL listed control panels only 2D51 can also be used in pendant mount applications when installed with B210LP or B501 base and D4P120 power board components LEDs on each detector provide local visible alarm indication They flash five seconds indicating that power is applied and the detector is working The LEDs latch on in alarm LEDs will be off when a trouble condi exists indicating that the detector sensitivity is outside the listed limit applicable Innovair Flex duct smoke detector installation manual for more The alarm can be reset by a momentary power interruption button or remote test accessory with reset function This detector be tested by activating the internal reed switch with a magnet test reset or remote test accessory All wiring must conform to applicable local codes ordinances and power from initiating device circuits before installing detectors detectors Place the detector into the detector base Turn the detector clockwise until the detector drops into place Continue turning detector clockwise to lock it in place After all detectors have been installed apply power to the control unit Test the detector using the test reset button or magnet as described TESTING Reset the detector at the system control panel or on power board Notify the proper authorities that the system is back on line covers are an effective way to limit the entry of dust into smoke detector sens chambers However they may not completely prevent airborne dust particles entering the detector Therefore System Sensor recommends the removal detectors before beginning construction or other dust producing activity sure to remove the dust covers from any sensors that were left in place dur construction as part of returning the system to service testing notify the proper authorities that the smoke detector system undergoing maintenance and will temporarily be out of service Detectors be tested after installation and as part of periodic maintenance Test the as follows Before testing the detector check to ensure the the power board LEDs If they do not the detector may not have power or may not be installed check the wiring if it is defective or the detector sensitivity is out the listed limits return it for repair TESTS OR Test Reset Button Press and hold the test button located on the power cover for at least 2 seconds M02 04 00 Magnet Test Place the painted surface of the magnet onto MAGNET TEST location on the sensor cover or the duct smoke Figure 1 The red alarm LED on the sensor and the power board should latch on should any accessories i e RA100Z RTS151 Verify system control alarm status and control panel execution of all intended auxiliary i e fan shutdown damper control etc The detector must be reset by the system control panel front cover Test button or remote accessory To reset using the Test Reset button on the power board cover simply and release RESPONSE TESTS determine if smoke is capable of entering the sensing chamber visually any obstructions Plug the exhaust and sampling tube holes to pre ducted air from carrying smoke away from the detector head then blow such as cigarette cotton wick or punk directly at the head to cause alarm REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE PLUGS AFTER THIS TEST OR THE WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY ENTRY USING AEROSOL SMOKE test is intended for low flow systems 100 500 FPM If the air speed is than 500 FPM use a conventional manometer to measure differential between the sampling tubes as described per the installation manual with the duct smoke detector a 1 inch hole 3 feet upstream from the duct smoke detector With the air on measure the air velocity with an anemometer Air speed must be least 100 FPM Spray aerosol smoke into the duct through the 1 inch hole five seconds Wait two minutes for the duct smoke detector to alarm If the smoke detector alarms air is flowing through the detector Remove the smoke detector cover and blow out the residual aerosol smoke from the and reset the duct smoke detector Use duct tape to seal the aerosol entry hole smoke can be purchased from Home Safeguard Industries at home model 25S Smoke Detector Tester and Chekkit Smoke De Tester model CHEK02 and CHEK06 available from SDi When used the canned smoke agent will cause the smoke detector to go into Refer to the manufacturer published instructions for proper use of the smoke agent aerosol simulated smoke canned smoke agent formulas will vary by Misuse or overuse to these products may have long term adverse on the smoke detector Consult the canned smoke agent manufacturer instructions for any further warnings or caution statements 1 CO LOCATED INNOVAIR FLEX DUCT SMOKE DETECTOR UNIT BOARD UNIT MAGNET STATUS INDICATORS BUTTON Reinstall the chamber cover screen assembly by sliding the edge over the chamber Turn until it is firmly in place Replace the cover using the LEDs to align the cover and then gently it until it locks into place Reinstall the detector Reinstall the detector in its housing Restore system power Perform Detector Check Notify the proper authorities testing has been completed and the smoke system is back in operation Verify sensor cover gasket is properly seated on cover prior to cover Refer to applicable Innovair Flex duct smoke detector installation for more information If excessive dust is found in the detector housing and or sampling they should also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air 2 AND VERIFICATION sensitivity of the sensor is confirmed to be operating within its allowable each time the sensor and power board LEDs blink green every 5 sec Note in a maintenance condition the sensor LEDs will blink red every 5 and power board will blink amber The maintenance condition indi that the sensor is operating outside its original factory preset sensitivity shall be cleaned or replaced This is a valid UL test the proper authorities that the system is back on line that fail these tests should be cleaned as described below and re If the detectors still fail these tests they should be returned for repair OF DUCT SMOKE DETECTORS smoke detector should be tested and inspected in accordance with NFPA recommendations Detectors should be tested annually and visually in semiannually It may be necessary to clean or maintain duct smoke more frequently based on indoor air quality conditions any unitary packaged air conditioning units are run during the drywall in phase of any building under construction to accelerate the drying of compound the subsequent sanding of those drywall joints and resulting may compromise the sensor heads in duct smoke detectors 2D51 sensor head in 4 wire InnovairFlex duct smoke detectors may exhibit condition that will require cleaning of the sensing chambers the sensor head or replacement of the sensor head The is indicated at the fire alarm panel if present or on the sensor or

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