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Product Smoke Detector Specifications detector shall be a System Sensor i3 Series model number 2WTR B listed to Laboratories UL 268 for Fire Protection Signaling Systems The detector shall be a photoelectric thermal equipped with a Form C relay The detector shall include a base for mounting to 3 and 4 inch octagonal single gang and 4 inch square boxes with a plaster ring or direct mount to the ceiling using drywall anchors Wiring shall be made by means of SEMS screws The detector shall allow pre wiring of the and the head shall be a plug in type The detector shall have a nominal sensitivity of 2.5 foot nominal as measured in the UL smoke box The detector shall be capable of adjusting its sensitivity by means of drift compensation and smoothing algorithms detector shall provide dual color LED indication which blinks to indicate power up normal out of sensitivity alarm and freeze trouble conditions When used in conjunction with 2W MOD2 module the 2WTR B shall include a maintenance signal to indicate the need for at the alarm control panel and shall provide a loop testing capability to verify the without testing each detector individually When used in conjunction with the RRS MOD all i3 sounder models on a loop shall sound when one alarms all shall be synchronized all sounders may be silenced from the panel Specifications Operating Voltage shall be Nominal 12 24V non polarized Minimum 8.5V Maximum 35V Maximum Ripple Voltage shall be 30 peak to peak of applied voltage The Standby Current be 50 maximum average The Peak Standby Current shall be 100 The Maximum Current shall be 130 mA limited by control panel Specifications 2WTR B dimensions including base shall be 5.3 inches 134 mm diameter 2.0 inches 51 height The approximate detector weight shall be 7.1 oz 200 grams The Operating Range shall be 32 0 The Operating Humidity Range shall be to 95 RH non condensing The Thermal Sensor shall be 135 57.2 fixed The Freeze shall be 41 5 The Sensitivity shall be 2.5 ft nominal The Input Terminals shall 14 AWG options for the 2WTR B detector include 3 octagonal back box 4 inch octagonal box Single gang back box 4 inch square back box with a plaster ring or direct mount to Modes Power up the Green LED shall blink every 10 seconds the Red LED shall blink every 10 In Normal standby mode the Green LED shall blink every 5 seconds the Red LED be off In Out of sensitivity mode the Green LED shall be off the Red LED shall blink every seconds In Freeze trouble mode the Green LED shall be off the Red LED shall blink every 10 In Alarm mode the Green LED shall be off the Red LED shall be solid 2009

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