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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS and 4451HTA Fixed Intermediate Thermal Detectors 4.1 2.1 5 32 10 Reset 190 15 35 100 Installing detector must be installed in compliance with the con panel installation manual and meet the requirements of authority having jurisdiction In addition the National Protection Association has published codes standards must be familiar with these requirements with local This This detector must be tested and maintained Description 4451HT and 4451HTA detectors are fixed intermediate 1 Selection And Wiring Guide to the installation instructions for the plug in detector current limiting resistors for use with control panels the System Sensor plug in base to be used with the All wiring must conform to applicable installation 1 Heat detector spacing reduction based on ceiling height To And Including Of Listed Spacing Height Above Insert the detector clockwise until the detector drops Continue Feature Reset Notify system is undergoing maintenance and therefore the Test Magnet System Sensor Model M02 04 2 LEDs on the detector should light within 10 sec Test Module System Sensor Model MOD400R Direct Heat Method Heat Gun the side of the detector direct the heat toward Remove Reinstall Test 2 Test magnet position TEST MODULE refer to insert for the Limitations of Fire Alarm Systems Limited Warranty the heat detector which is found to be defective in materials or workmanship normal use and service during the three year period commencing with the System Sensor Returns Department RA 3825 Ohio Avenue St

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