System Sensor 546-7000 Cover Tamper Switch Manual

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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Tamper Switch Ratings Dimensions Temperature Range Weight 125 250 VAC 24 VDC x 2 x 3 4 to 120 cid 176 F 0 cid 176 to 49 cid 176 C lb Division of Pittway 3825 Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 This manual should be left with the owner user this equipment 72 13 25 Fire Alarm Code of Sprinkler Systems specifically 3.17 Testing and Maintenance of Sprin Systems specifically chapters 4 and 5 not leave unused wires exposed Do not use in poten explosive atmospheres applicable NFPA standards local codes and the re of the authority having jurisdiction Information cover tamper switch mounts to all System Sensor WFDT OSY2 and PIBV2 terminal block units Cover produces a switch output The unit will reset when product cover is reinstalled Guidelines installing any cover tamper switch be thoroughly with to follow these directions may result in failure of the to report an alarm or trouble condition System Sen is not responsible for devices that have been improperly tested or maintained Instructions Install switch mounting bracket onto terminal block us the 2 screws provided shown in Figure 1 Snap the switch onto the switch mounting bracket in po shown in Figure 1 1 Assembly Diagram voltage Electrocution hazard Do not handle live AC or work on a device to which AC power is applied so may result in severe injury of death Wiring Wire as required per wiring diagram Figure 2 placing stripped wire lead under the correct terminal plate wire lead should be clipped and terminated with a nut to avoid shorting to housing 2 Field Wiring nonsilenceable cid 13 zone cid 13 listed FACP Fire Alarm Control Panel Connection power cid 13 bell Local Bell Connection bell will activate cid 13 cover is removed Where one wire already exists under the terminal connect the cover tamper wire under the op side of the terminal plate When connected to a listed sprinkler fire alarm control the initiating circuit must be non silenceable Code cid 13 or Supervisory Switch to B Open Circuit cid 13 to A Closed Circuit Alarm cid 13 Tamper Switch Blue Open cid 13 Red Closed Off wire as shown for cid 13 of connection cid 13 NOT allow stripped wire cid 13 to extend beyond cid 13 housing DO NOT cid 13 wires Testing notify a central station monitoring waterflow or su switch alarms before repairing maintaining or cover tamper switch devices Replace the cover and tighten the security screws with security wrench Store the wrench in a secure place Verify that circuit has reset by checking FACP Limited Warranty Sensor warrants its enclosed cover tamper switch to be free from in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a of three years from date of manufacture System Sensor makes no express warranty for this cover tamper switch No agent representa dealer or employee of the Company has the authority to increase or the obligations or limitations of this Warranty The Company obli of this Warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of any of the cover tamper switch which is found to be defective in materials workmanship under normal use and service during the three year pe commencing with the date of manufacture After phoning System toll free number 800 SENSOR2 736 7672 for a Return Authori number send defective units postage prepaid to System Sensor Department RA 3825 Ohio Avenue St Charles IL Please include a note describing the malfunction and suspected of failure The Company shall not be obligated to repair or replace which are found to be defective because of damage unreasonable modifications or alterations occurring after the date of manufacture no case shall the Company be liable for any consequential or incidental for breach of this or any other Warranty expressed or implied even if the loss or damage is caused by the Company negli or fault Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of inci or consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may apply to you This Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you also have other rights which vary from state to state System Sensor 1996

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