System Sensor Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire CO Detector

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Advanced Multi Criteria Fire CO Detector AMCF CO Asked Questions smoke sensing elements does the incorporate detector combines four separate sensing elements in unit smoke carbon monoxide CO light flame and to sense multiple components of a fire This approach enhanced sensitivity to real fire with heightened to nuisance particulate the AMCF CO detector be used a CO detector the detector electrochemical sensing cell creates a signal for life safety CO detection and is UL 2075 listed the standard for system connected life safety carbon monoxide base does the AMCF CO detector work with AMCF CO should be used in conjunction with the B200S sounder base which can generate either a Temp 3 for fire or a Temp 4 pattern for CO alarm indication The version requires the B200SCOA which also includes markings required by code long does the CO cell last CO cell has an expected lifetime of approximately six years detector sends a signal to the panel when the CO cell is its end of life and then again when the end of life been reached leaving the CO cell fully expended the CO cell replaceable the CO cell is not a field replaceable component the AMCF CO detector function after the cell stops working the CO cell has reached its end of life the CO sensor no provides carbon monoxide detection for CO life safety However the smoke sensing component of the will enter Photo Thermal Infrared PTIR mode and to function as a very effective fire detector the AMCF CO be used as a device the AMCF CO can be wall mounted in accordance with 72 guidelines for proper mounting of smoke detectors 9 11 2829

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