System Sensor Application Guide for Horn Strobe Compliance

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Guide For For Use Use SENSOR Manuals Online OF CONTENTS 1 2 I GLOSSARY OF TERMS 3 II STANDARDS THAT APPLY 7 FIRE CODES 7 CODES 7 LABORATORIES 8 PUBLICATIONS 8 PUBLICATIONS 8 III HOW SMOKE DETECTORS WORK 9 OF SMOKE DETECTORS 9 SMOKE DETECTOR OPERATION 9 SMOKE DETECTOR OPERATION 10 Light Obscuration Smoke Detector 10 Light Scattering Smoke Detector 10 DETECTOR DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS 11 IN SELECTING DETECTORS 11 WHERE OTHER TYPES OF DETECTORS MAY BE USED 11 DETECTORS HAVE LIMITATIONS 12 IV TYPICAL SYSTEM LAYOUT 13 SUPERVISION 13 B CIRCUITS 13 A CIRCUITS 14 CIRCUITS 14 ZONING GUIDELINES 14 CONTROL FUNCTIONS 15 DETECTOR INSTALLATION 15 Installation Guidelines 15 Wiring Techniques 15 Systems 18 Manuals Online OF CONTENTS DO AND DON 18 18 NOT 19 AND SYSTEM CHECKOUT 19 V PROPER DETECTOR PLACEMENT AND SPACING AND PROBLEM SITES 20 To Place Detectors 20 NOT To Place Detectors 22 SPACING 24 Spacing Guidelines 24 Spacing Problems 25 IN AIR HANDLING AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS 28 IN ABOVE CEILING PLENUM AREAS PLENUMS UTILIZED AS PART OF THE HVAC SYSTEM 28 VI TESTING MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE OF DETECTORS 29 INSPECTION TEST AND MAINTENANCE PRACTICES 29 VII TROUBLESHOOTING TECHNIQUES 31 TO DO ABOUT NUISANCE ALARMS 31 FOR NUISANCE ALARMS 31 AN ALARM LOG 32 OF LOCATION OR ENVIRONMENT 33 DETECTOR FOR DIRT AND REVIEW MAINTENANCE 33 OF OTHER SYSTEMS ON ALARM SYSTEMS WIRING 33 CAUSES OF NUISANCE ALARMS 34 OF DETECTOR OWNERS AND INSTALLERS 34 TO GET HELP IF THE SOURCE OF NUISANCE ALARMS CAN BE FOUND 35 Manuals Online have shown that in the United States the use of early warning fire and smoke detection has resulted in a significant reduction overall in fire deaths The sooner a fire is detected the the chances are for survival potential problem with smoke detectors is unwanted nuisance alarms that often result in people desensitized to the alarm system or in severe cases disconnecting the system This is an problem that in most cases is caused by improper application installation and of smoke detectors It is hoped that the information in this guide will be used by those with the application installation and maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems to minimize problems Manuals Online purpose of this guide is to provide information concerning the proper application of smoke used in conjunction with Fire Alarm Systems It outlines basic principles that should be in the application of early warning fire and smoke detection devices Operating of detectors and environmental factors which may aid delay or prevent their operation presented protection engineers mechanical and electrical engineers fire service personnel fire alarm and installers should find the contents both educational and informative this information is based upon industry expertise and many years of experience it is intended be used only as a technical guide The requirements of applicable codes and standards as well as of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction AHJ should be followed In particular NFPA 72 for and testing of systems is a key element in the effectiveness of smoke detection systems Manuals Online I OF TERMS SYSTEM SMOKE DETECTOR smoke detectors which in addition to providing alarm and trouble indications to a control are capable of communicating a unique identification address SAMPLING TYPE DETECTOR sampling type detector consists of piping or tubing distribution from the detector unit to the area s be protected An air pump draws air from the protected area back to the detector through the air ports and piping or tubing At the detector the air is analyzed for fire products SIGNAL INDICATING APPLIANCE electromechanical appliance that converts energy into audible or visible signal for perception as alarm signal SIGNAL signal indicating an emergency requiring immedi

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