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and Engineering Specification Sensor Low Frequency Sounder Base B200S LF low frequency sounder base appliance shall be System Sensor model B200S LF The low frequency base shall be listed to UL 268 and UL 464 The low frequency sounder shall have an option to between a temporal three pattern temporal four pattern non temporal continuous or march time The low frequency sounder base shall offer two volume levels The alarm current shall not 140 mA at 16 VDC The low frequency sounder base shall operate between 10 and 93 relative The appliance shall mount to a standard 4 4 1 back box 4 inch octagon back box 3 inch octagon back box double gang back box or single gang back box A pre wire mounting plate be used for mounting products The wiring shall terminate at the pre wire mounting plate The low sounder base shall have the ability to synchronize with notification devices without the use of accessories A manual locking feature shall be available to prevent removal of the attached sensor

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