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Product Beam Smoke Detector Specifications detector shall be a System Sensor beam type smoke detector model number BEAM1224 to Underwriters Laboratories UL 268 for Fire Protection Signaling Systems The detector be a 4 wire conventional reflected beam smoke detector The detector shall include a and receiver both within the detector unit The detector shall have an integral test feature consisting of a test filter attached to a servo motor inside the detector The detector shall include a reflector The detector shall allow for beam alignment the detector and the reflector to be done at the detector The detector shall have four selectable sensitivity settings along with two Acclimate settings for adjustable The detector shall be capable of automatically adjusting its sensitivity by means of software algorithms The detector shall be rated for use in temperatures between 22 and 131 F Protection range shall be 16 ft to 230 ft nominal 16 ft to 328 ft with use of long kit model BEAMLRK Specifications Operating Voltage shall be Nominal 12 24V non polarized Minimum 15.0V Maximum The BEAM1224S should not be used with 12V power sources The Maximum Ripple shall be 6.0 volts peak to peak of applied voltage and must not fall below minimum voltage specification The Standby Current shall be 70 mA maximum average The Test voltage shall be 500 mA maximum The Maximum Alarm Current shall 35 mA average The Alarm Contact Ratings shall be 0.5 A 30V AC DC Specifications BEAM1224 detector dimensions shall be 10.0 inches 254 mm height 7.5 inches 191 mm 3.3 inches 84 mm depth The reflector dimensions shall be 7.9 inches 200 mm wide 9.1 230 mm height The approximate detector weight shall be 3.9 pounds 1.77 kilograms both the detector and reflector The Operating Temperature Range shall be 22 F 131 F C C The Operating Humidity Range shall be 10 to 93 RH non condensing The Input shall be 12 AWG Modes Normal standby mode the local LED shall blink Green every 5 seconds In Trouble mode the LED shall blink Yellow In Alarm mode the local LED shall be solid Red During alignment digital display shall indicate 00 99 for fine adjustment 2009

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