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CD100M CO2 and Monitor dual beam Absorption gas sensor ensures long stability and durability easy to read display Tempera displayed in or CO2 in ppm Easily adjusted for changes simple calibration using port and display Calibrate ambient air or bottled gas set elevation change using on board controls out stand for desktop monitoring output for data logging In AC power adaptor for up to 80 hours on 4 AA batteries not included areas with low or substan ventilation hidden energy savings in spaces if ventilation is a factor in quality complaints the presence of combustion from vehicles and appliances as a reference to calibrate wall CO2 sensors Overview with Engelhard patented dual beam Absorption technology the Innovair CD100M is an easy CO2 temperature monitor designed for use in resi or commercial applications With the ability to CO2 readings in less than 30 seconds the monitor an ideal tool for identifying energy saving opportunities over ventilated spaces determining if air quality com are due to insufficient ventilation or locating the presence of fumes generated from vehicles and appliances The CD100M is also equipped with an output for recording data Analog Beam Absorption Infrared VDC 1mV ppm 4,000 ppm max Method or flow through 100 ml min Warranty months parts and labor Channel Range ppm voltage output ppm display 1 ppm VDC linear 32 0 40 Impedance Ohms Connection RJ 45 to DB9 serial port cable with independent CO2 temperature panel buttons set elevation functions Channel ppm or of reading whichever is Range output 32 to 104 0 to 40 to 122 0 to 50 ppm Dependence of reading per or ppm per is greater referenced to 25 Dependence of reading per mm Hg Corrected via input for elevation Drift 20 ppm typical Time seconds for 0 of step change Time seconds at 22 Conditions 0 50 RH non condensing Temperatures to 140 to 60 Interval months offset adjustment using single gas 0 1000 ppm CO2 Full factory calibration Resolution 0.1 Options or Off Set with panel button Time minutes case must equilibrate with Interval months offset adjustment using standard at 50 to 86 10 to Full factory calibration available Supply Type AA batteries not included Operation hours alkaline VDC from external AC DC adapter included Requirements mA Peak 20 mA average from 6V Class 15 Part B Warranty months from date of manufacture subject to change without Covered by United States Patents and 5,163,332 Sensor seeks to present reliable information the composition properties and use of its however 1 All advice concerning and use of any product is provided at no and with no warranty 2 No warranty is hereby Products described herein are to conform to System Sensor specifica only at the time of sale All sales are subject to Sensor standard terms and conditions are reproduced on the reverse side of each All warranties of merchantability and fitness purpose are disclaimed and remedy for any breach warranty is limited to replacement of the defective 3 System Sensor assumes no responsibil for any patent liability arising from the use of any in a process manner or formula not designed System Sensor Infrared is a trademark of Engelhard Sensor Technologies is a registered trademark of Engelhard Sensor Technologies Sensor Sales and Service Sensor Headquarters Ohio Avenue Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 630 377 6495 On Demand x3 www systemsensor com Sensor in Canada 905.812.0767 905.812.0771 Sensor in China Sensor in the Far East 011.852.21919003 011.852.27366580 Sensor in Europe 011.44.1403.276500 011.44.1403.276501 Sensor in Singapore Sensor in Australia 011.613.54.281.142 011.613.54.281.172 1999 System Sensor The company reserves the right to change product specifications without notice

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