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AccessoriesConventional DetectorsCarbon Monoxide CO Detection PRODUCTSfirealarmresources com CO Detection system connected CO1224T and CO1224TR CO detectors with RealTest early warning by using reliable electrochemical sensing technology measure CO levels in the air If a dangerous amount of CO is detected the will alert residents by sounding a Temporal 4 alarm tone flashing its red LED Protection is guaranteed 24 7 by an alarm transmission a central station regardless of whether residents are away from home or already suffering from the effects of CO of Monitored Detection detectors monitored by a central station provide peace of mind including an extra level of protection when The residence is empty Residents are sleeping Pets children and elderly are alone Residents are already suffering from symptoms of CO exposure unconsciousness etc A maintenance problem arises with the detector CO concentration reaches dangerous levels and triggers an alarm the central has the ability to contact the occupant and or first responders The central will also alert the end user if the detector Has been tampered with Is experiencing mechanical trouble Is in sensor end of life due to the limited life span of CO detection technologies Monoxide Detector homes have a working CO alarm and Benefits CO1224T and CO1224TR detectors from System Sensor offer a true functional CO test that the first of its kind With RealTest simple short spray of canned CO is all it takes Now you can leave your knowing the detector is doing its job UL Listed CO1224T CO1224TR is fully compliant with UL 2075 Sensing detectors are the newest most reliable CO detectors They take the most accurate readings of CO from low of CO that may be hazardous over long periods of time to high that present an immediate danger They are also less to false alarms than other types of CO sensing technologies Notification CO1224T and CO1224TR are equipped with a ten year end notification system that alerts the central station at the end of detector functional life span This enables service providers to make service calls without the homeowner worrying about the detector Terminals CO1224T CO1224TR features SEMS terminals that provide electrical and fast easy wiring Mounting Options CO1224T CO1224TR can be mounted to a single gang electrical box surface mounted to the wall or ceiling with ample room for wire entry Current Draw CO1224T CO1224TR has a current draw of 20 mA in standby and mA in alarm This means that more CO detectors can be connected to panel without purchasing a more expensive panel or an extra auxiliary supply Protection your customers with 24 7 central station monitoring you can your customers from a poison they cannot see smell or taste Poisoned by CO Annually Lives can save lives According to the Journal of the American Medical JAMA carbon monoxide is the number one cause of poisoning deaths in the United States Guidelines CO1224T CO1224TR can be mounted to a single gang box or surface to the wall or ceiling In a wall location the detector should be at least high as a light switch and at least six inches from the ceiling In a ceiling the detector should be at least 12 inches from any wall to Install CO Detectors Within 10 feet of each sleeping area Inside each sleeping area if occupied by the hearing impaired Near kitchens with a gas burning stove On each floor of the house Away from vents and the reach of children and pets In the vicinity of flame fueled appliances but no closer than 10 feet System Sensor CO1224T CO1224TR CO Detectors RealTest the first CO test fully compliant NFPA 720 2009 With a short spray anyone can the CO sensing cell to verify is working and hold the button two seconds enter RealTest The green will flash once second to RealTest has started canned agent into detector Detector Placement Monoxide Detector location for multi level residence CO sensing at the control panel detector will automatically exit RealTest mode after about 20 60 seconds CO1224TR Monoxide Detectors CO1224T and CO1224TR are designed for system operation detectors are fully listed to UL 2075 and offer a code required relay to send a sensor failure or end of life signal to the control and the central station The CO1224T and CO1224TR also use terminal Philips head screws for quicker and more positive connections and code required wiring supervision With a low draw these detectors enable more devices to be connected the panel limiting the need to purchase extra power supplies or expensive panels As 12 24 VDC detectors the CO1224T and will operate on most security and fire alarm control panels Monoxide Detectors volt 6 wire system monitored carbon monoxide with RealTest Technology Square volt 6 wire system monitored round carbon monoxide with RealTest Technology Round A ten year end of life timer RealTest enables a functional test using canned CO Full compliance with UL 2075 A code required trouble relay Wiring supervision with SEMS terminals 12 24 VDC A low current draw of 20 mA in standby and 40 mA in alarm Versatile mounting for wall or ceiling Accurate and reliable electrochemical sensing technology Optional CO Detector Replacement Plate CO PLATE to upgrade installed competitor detectors to the CO1224T Replacements CO PLATE upgrade competitive detectors to the CO1224T can easily connect the CO1224T to existing In cases where the footprint of the old detector be covered the CO PLATE perfectly covers the of the old and bulky competitive detector The then mounts to the CO PLATE for a clean finish ideal for commercial and residential detector replacement plate Series CO Smoke Detectors i4 Series Combination CO Smoke Detector includes a variety of that simplify installation and maintenance while increasing level of protection for your customers Single detector for CO and smoke detection that uses less and fewer junction boxes Requires the use of the i4 Interface and Synchronization Module Interface module connects up to 12 detectors to panel and is with a wide range of control panels Sends distinct smoke and CO signals to the panel Sounds Temp 3 for smoke and Temp 4 for CO Built in 85dB sounder LEDs display operational CO and smoke status External IR LED provides extended range smoke sensitivity testing Versatile mounting allows for wall or ceiling placement Easily replaceable electrochemical CO cell with 10 year end of life that signals the panel and chirps to alert the homeowner RealTest enables functional gas testing using canned CO Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms provide alarm immunity Compatible with SENS RDR smoke sensitivity tester For product specifications visit www systemsensor com i4 Series CO Smoke Detectors 12 24 volt 2 wire system connected combination carbon detector with RealTest technology 12 24 volt 4 wire system connected combination carbon detector with RealTest technology Series Modules required i4 Interface Module enables the to send distinct CO and smoke signals only two or four wires greatly reducing time and cost Series Interface Modules 2 wire interface and reversing relay module 4 wire interface and reversing relay module System Sensor Product specifications subject to change without notice 11 17 in 1984 System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire and life safety devices specializing in smoke detection carbon monoxide detection and notification technology System Sensor develops products for real world

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