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Product Duct Smoke Detector and Engineering Specifications air duct smoke detector shall be a System Sensor InnovairFlex D4120 Photoelectric Duct Smoke The detector housing shall be UL listed per UL 268A specifically for use in air handling systems flexible housing of the duct smoke detector fits multiple footprints from square to rectangular InnovairFlex D4120W watertight 4 wire photoelectric duct smoke detector is UL listed as a watertight providing protection against falling dirt rain windblown dust splashing and hose directed water also environmental rating NEMA4 detector shall operate at air velocities of 100 feet per minute to 4000 feet per minute 0.5 to 20.32 The unit shall be capable of controlling up to 50 air handling systems when with other detectors The detector shall be capable of providing a trouble signal in the that the front cover is removed shall be capable of local testing via magnetic switch test button on the cover or remote testing using SSK451 RTS2 Multi Signaling Accessory or the RTS451KEY RTS151KEY Remote Test Station connections shall be of the strip and clamp method suitable for 12 AWG wiring InnovairFlex sampling tube may be installed from the front or back of the detector The tube locks into place and can be removed by releasing the front or rear locking tab Specifications power supply voltage shall be 20 29 VDC 24 VAC 50 60 Hz and 120 VAC 50 60 Hz The reset time RTS451 RTS151 shall be 03 to 0.3 second Power up time shall be 35 second maximum The alarm time shall be 15 second Specifications D4120 and D4120W rectangular dimensions shall be14.38 in 37 cm Length 5 in 12.74 cm Width in 6.36 cm Depth The square dimensions shall be 7.75 in 19.7 cm Length 9 in 22.9 cm Width in 6.35 cm Depth The D4120 and D4120W weight shall be 2.5 lbs 1.14 kg The operating range for the D4120 and D4120W shall be to 158 to 70 and the storage range for the D4120 shall be to 158 to 70 The D4120 and D4120W humidity range shall be 0 to 95 relative humidity non condensing and air duct velocity shall 100 to 4000 ft min 0.5 to 20.32 m sec 2011

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