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Customer Reference Document for the Buildings Evacuation Sector M Munich in 2001 Munich International Airport installed the Sound Alert Localizer evacuation system at car parks The Localizer system was installed on one floor of each of the four largest car parks a total capacity of 11,000 cars brief Airport were required initially to install a voice evacuation sytem on the first three floors of car park but as passenger numbers continue to increase rapidly an evacuation system was needed for a further floor for each of the car parks The Sound Alert system was seen as a lower solution offering improved performance and safety After some investigation planning permission obtained for the Sound Alert Directional Sound Evacuation system to be installed criteria for operational effectiveness Current illuminated signs are not easy to see at a distance maybe 25M ranges and the needed to draw attention to the location of exits even in smoke Passengers in the building can be exposed to several sound beacons at the same time and it essential that it must be clear which one is which and obvious which way to go to reach exit The system needed to be independent of language The system had to work without special training of passengers Installation of the car parks is a large H shaped building consisting of two wings joined by a central ramp with large atriums between the wings There are 12 exits on each floor leading out to stairwells each exit is marked with an illuminated man green cube Whilst each floor vents into air all the way around the edge there is no forced ventilation to remove smoke and therefore can remain near to its source for some time Spontaneous combustion of tyres following high driving on autobahns in hot weather is the most common cause of actual incidents to the very large open spaces and reverberation each car park floor required 28 directional controlled by the main fire building management system having battery backup in the event mains failure on the system Herr Wuehle Section Manager Alarm Systems Munich International said were excited when we learnt of the new Sound Alert system since it is able to help people their way out quickly even in bad visibility We are constantly trying to improve our safety and see this as an important new technology in evacuation We see good potential for new system in airports and look forward to working with Sound Alert on future projects International Airport is rapidly expanding with 23.1million passengers and over 300,000 takeoffs landings in 2000 Consequently a second terminal including car parks is currently under and is due to be in operation in the spring of 2003 new terminal will have a capacity for 18 million passengers a year and 6400 parking spaces The costs are expected to be in the region of DM 1.7 billion Alert Technology plc The Old Village Hall The Street Effingham KT24 5JS Surrey 44 0 1372 456037 Fax 44 0 1372 450594

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