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DNRHS Sensitivity Smoke Detector System Sensor DNRHS detector provides very early fire protection in interior duct applications with high volume air changes Temperature Air 24 Versatile New Clear Remote 3 Listings DNRHS DNRHS high sensitivity duct smoke detector is designed to satisfy 76 for Very Early Warning Fire Protection NFPA 76 Section Very Early Warning Fire Protection calls for sensors to be at the return air location for a space in the following instances stand alone packed HVAC units are installed sensors or ports be installed where return air is brought back to the unit or ports shall be installed such that each covers no greater 0.4 m2 4 ft2 of the return air opening S2522 S2522 S2522 Duct Smoke Detector Specifications Specifications Specifications Rectangular Square Weight Temperature Range Temperature Range Humidity Range Duct Velocity Specifications supply voltage Requirements Using No Accessories standby current alarm current Information No

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