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Technical Field Bulletin End of Line Power Supervision Relay of System Sensor duct smoke detectors Application Engineers 8 98 1 04 National Fire Protection Association NFPA requires that an end of line relay be used for the supervision of 4 wire smoke voltage Chapter 1 of the 1996 edition states All means of interconnecting equipment devices and appliances and wiring connections shall be monitored for the of the interconnecting conductors or equivalent path so that the occurrence of a single open or a single ground fault in the installation conductors or other signaling channels and their restoration to normal shall be automatically within 200 seconds The A77 716B end of line relay may be used to comply with this code The specifications for the are below Temperature Range Humidity Range to 60 degrees centigrade to 95 R H oz 1 1 Voltage Range Current Draw 18.3mA 9.0V to 19.3mA 40.0V to 40.0 Vrms Rectified Unfiltered Data Arrangement Switched Current Switched Current A contact 30VDC or 120VAC 1VDC Diagram VDC 30VDC you have any questions concerning System Sensor products or their application contact Technical Services at 1 800 SENSOR2 736 7672 extension 2 Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 Phone 800 736 7672 Fax 630 377 6583 www systemsensor com

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