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COMPREHENSIVE USER GUIDE XT 9400X Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology Characteristics Supply Voltage Reset Time Reset Operating Current Current Contact Ratings Ratings Temperature Air Temperature Rating Area Movement 30 VDC monitor must be pulled low a minimum of 100 msec sec High 465mA 11.2W Med 340mA 8.2W Low 220mA 5.3W High 493mA 11.85W Med 368mA 8.85W Low 248mA 6W 30VDC 0.5A 125VAC 0 to 100 38 tested to 131 55 20 to 140 160 to 95 non condensing sq ft 2,676 sq m 4,000 ft min 0 1,219.2 m min Dimensions Access Gauge Size Single Pipe Length Pipe Length Weight in 338 mm in 333 mm in 191mm 1in 25.4mm cable holes on top and back of unit Ga or in Nom or 25mm Nom feet 123 m three pipes disabled ft 320 m must be verified within PipeIQ software lb 5.4 kg OF CONTENTS Included With Unit 2 to FAAST 9400X 2 to FAAST via USB 2 to FAAST via Ethernet 2 3 Installation 3 Unit Installation 3 4 Interface 5 Level Display 5 Level Display 6 Flow Display 6 Display 6 User Interface 7 Menu Screen 9 Menu Screen 9 Screen 9 Screen 10 Screen 10 Log Screen 10 Time Screen 10 mode screens 10 Screen 10 Screen 10 Upgrade Screen 10 of Operation 10 10 Overview 10 Speed Configuration 10 and Relay Configuration 10 Indicator Configuration 10 of Configuration validation 10 glitch during configuration 10 10 10 Test 10 10 Airflow Baselines 11 11 Mode 11 Mode 11 Night And Weekend Mode 11 11 Log 11 Trend Log 11 Log 11 Monitor Reset 11 Connection 11 Connection 11 Network 11 Server 12 Notification 12 Smoke Testing 12 12 Safety Information 12 12 Statement 12 OF THIS MANUAL manual is intended as a guide for technicians to install set up and pro preliminary system checks for the FAAST 9400X Fire Alarm Aspiration Technology aspirating smoke detection system Before installing read the Comprehensive Instruction Manual for FAAST available at which provides detailed information on pipe net design and system configuration INCLUDED WITH UNIT FAAST 9400X unit Mounting bracket and hardware Installation and Maintenance Instructions USB interface cable Particle separation for increased nuisance immunity and prolonged Gateway of the FAAST system depends on the designed pipe network for site Any alteration to the pipe network must be verified by a technician alterations will have an effect on system performance The PipeIQ design can be used to verify the suitability of any pipe network design and sub alterations The PipeIQ software can be downloaded at systemsensor FAAST 9400X aspirating smoke detection system is an advanced particu detection system for use in very early warning and early warning detec applications as well as standard detection in harsh environments system continuously draws air from the environment up to 28,800sqft a series of sampling holes to monitor the environment for smoke system conditions are displayed at the user interface and at a fire alarm panel using relays System conditions can also be monitored in two through the network interface integrated web server or PipeIQ software display provides a clear indication of the system status particulate levels levels air flow and fault conditions Additionally email notification can sent upon device status changes All conditions can be monitored at the user interface or remotely via the web Advanced detection Blue LED and IR laser technology life Dust discrimination for reduced false alarms Wide sensitivity range 0.00046 to 6.25 obs ft Monitors up to 28,800 sq ft dependant on local codes and ordi

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