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CO Study New Mexico Capitol Building Sensor Protects Old with the New Mexico Capitol Fe New Mexico Smokes Detectors Detector Strobes Strobes Stations and Relays popular destination among travelers needs all around protection at the corner of the Old Santa Fe Trail and de Peralta in Santa Fe New Mexico one the most popular destinations in the country travelers is the New Mexico State Capitol Also known as Roundhouse it is only round capitol building in the U S The houses the New Mexico State spanning the second third and fourth the Rotunda is finished with Travertine native to New Mexico and inlaid with a and brass mosaic of the Great Seal of Mexico Exhibited in the interior public the center of the Capitol building 60 feet of the State Capitol Complex as well as the Capitol grounds are nearly 600 artworks the Capitol Art Collection which is currently at over 5.6 million dollars Built in 1966 the Capitol building fire safety needed an update The legislature funding to replace the aging fire system with a newer version that would to protect these valuable assets and of the hundreds of occupants that visit the every day we did a hot swap between the system and the new system We replaced old addressable panel that was aging and to cause problems with new panels says Kurt Kesselman of Sound Signal Systems of New the company awarded the contract to the fire alarm system took a system that had six or seven taking up the entire wall and it And because there were so devices in the Capitol building we placed sub panels in equipment cabinets on of the four floors to support them all The are networked together and report to master panel network annunciator in the station a central location where there is surveillance Kesselman used the current fire protection and did a one for one replacement of inches apart In some cases the speaker was mounted in the ceiling between two the light panels says Kesselman Kesselman said the real challenge was the old system functional while bringing new system online The security team for the had to be on fire watch for short periods time while the fire system was offline being over to the new system took a lot of and planning ahead The old system was working while the new system was being says Kesselman everything cut over and on the NOTIFIER system we 24 hours straight taking out old panels the new panels in their place and from junction boxes to get that cut and completed we tested products for this System Sensor speaker strobes the product that worked the best with acoustics in the Capitol building Kurt Kesselman President of Sound Signal Systems of New Mexico and heat detectors strobes speaker and a beam detector throughout the corridors and rotunda the rotunda is a beam detector at the top and a smoke system Kesselman explains The consisted of close to 800 speaker alone being mounted in the ceilings are also some lower hard lit ceilings the rotunda that had ceiling mount strobes for notification that were There were ceiling light panels that down 6 inches and are spaced about we tested products for this System Sensor speaker strobes the product that worked the best with the in the Capitol building And when we awarded the job to install the fire safety into the new parking garage and State Annex buildings it was an easy choice continued using System Sensor and knowing that it would all work well when we synchronized and networked systems says Kesselman the time of the retrofit a Annex was constructed to press quarters rooms telephone rooms offices for the Legislative and for committees by the two houses the street from the building the State Parking facility an visually appealing garage was also with room to 600 vehicles For the old system to meet new fire system Sound and of New Mexico the systems from three locations to the panel in the guard As newer buildings are around the Capitol new system will be able to the upgrades System Sensor CMCS00600 2 12

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