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Horn Strobe Guide SENSOR Manuals Online of Contents 1 IS THE COVERAGE AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE ADA 2 IS THE ADAAG 3 IS MODE VS MODE OPERATION 4 SIGNALING APPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS 5 CAN YOU DO NOW TO COMPLY 6 SHOULD STROBES BE LOCATED 7 MANY STROBES SHOULD BE USED 8 ABOUT PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY AND STROBE FLASH RATES 10 SUPPLY CONSIDERATIONS 11 FACILITATION 11 REQUIREMENTS 12 DROP CALCULATIONS 14 IS MEANT BY POLAR LIGHT DISTRIBUTION 15 15 DID WE GET WHERE WE ARE TODAY 16 Manuals Online Why We Need A Compliance Guide Sensor prepared this Strobe Compliance Guide to help promote understanding awareness of the issues that affect specifying installers and the enforcement We hope to increase the probability proper installation and reduce the possibility misapplication of strobe lights and audible in the commercial market place this Compliance Guide many of installation standards referenced are from NFPA 72 Chapter 6 Although the ADA ANSI 117.1 are not currently aligned with it is anticipated that they will be by year 1997 This alignment of standards is highly However there is no absolute that it will happen Sensor has worked diligently for the of standards in particular those standards involving light dispersion intensity flash rate and mounting and We were joined in this effort by National Electrical Manufacturers NEMA members Underwriters UL staffers and representatives the hearing impaired and epilepsy communities National Association of the Deaf NAD Self Help for Hard of Hearing People SHHH the Epilepsy Foundation of America this group became known as the Alarms Coalition VAC VAC developed a set of recommendations a Paper that was submitted to the Architectural Transportation Barriers Board in December of 1994 White Paper was instrumental in the alignment of the ADA with NFPA Chapter 6 The VAC recommendations result in a universal set of national codes laws for visible notification appliances the ADA and ANSI 117.1 guidelines in place please refer to past issues the System Sensor Strobe Compliance Guide Is The ADA Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Law 101 336 is a law prohibiting on the basis of disability provides civil rights protection similar to given on the basis of race color sex origin religion or age The Act equal opportunities in public employment transportation and local government services and Manuals Online Is The Coverage and of the ADA ADA comprises four titles that define and prohibit discrimination on the basis of disabilities specific areas Fire safety signaling devices are addressed under Title III which covers accommodations and services including transportation Compliance is enforced by the of Justice or the Department of Transportation in areas of public transportation Safety Signaling Devices Are Covered Title III itle I t l o f o rc e d b n t lo ity l E rt u is sio E e i c S e r v i c e s u b l d b y n f o r o f m e n t e p a r D O J u s o f m e n t e p a r o n a t r a n s p o r D O T III Services by of DOJ IV D A M E R I C A N S W I T H I S A B I L I T I E S A C T Manuals Online Is The ADAAG Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines ADAAG are the standards for accessible design under III of the ADA They cover only new and alterations undertaken by covered by the ADA The ADAAG written by the Architectural and Barriers Compliance Board also as the Access Board The Access in one of its information bulletins the ADA is civil rights law with and enforcement of its regulations are not overseen by local building code official but are exercised private suit or by specified federal when discrimination the of discrimination on the basis of alleged few states have adopted ADAAG as their code and implement its provisions state and local building code officials the same way as other applicable building are applied reviewed and enforced jurisdictions are expected to submit their codes and or standards for review by Department of Justice Standards that or exceed the minimum accessibility of the ADA will be certified model codes including ANSI 117.1 have to coordinate accessibility provisions informal review and technical from DOJ compliance does not relieve the from complying with the provisions a state or local access code Where such a contains more stringent requirements must be incorporated Conversely of ADAAG or certification of the of a state local code will not covered entities of their responsibilities meet the accessibility standards imposed by ADA To ADA Coverage Individual employee offices and work Federal buildings covered by the however arrangements should made to comply with the provisions Title I which addresses providing accommodations e g a signal for an employee who is or hard of hearing Religious entities and private clubs Strictly residential private apartments homes Barriers Act of 1968 ABA currently by the Uniform Federal Standards UFAS a wholly owned by the of the U S or an tribe Multi family residential facilities covered by the Fair Housing Act of 1988 FHAA and related regulations and standards Manuals Online Is Mode vs Mode Operation mode applications are those a is known to be in place and where is trained to take additional action notification from the alarm signal DeVoss UL Examples include control nurses stations and guard desks emergency signaling applications may have to meet ADA requirements and may satisfied through installation of UL 1638 mode operation includes audible or signaling to occupants or inhabitants of area protected by

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