System Sensor L-Series Enhancements (2019)

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Meet the Enhanced L Series Visible AV Appliances System Sensor Features Increased Reliability Solutions the L Series System Sensor offers the best appliances that provide the lowest current draw a single appliance covering the full strobe candela The most recent enhancements to the L Series plates provide the desired strength to quickly confidently mount L Series appliances Enhancements Terminal Mating taller and wider terminals that include anti snag to protect against potential handling damage Torque Tolerance stripping thanks to metal screw insert Keying features help to align appliances and plates mounting Mounting fit to the wall around the appliance Mounting Plate Strength bending thanks to improved rigidness Seating Snap and visual feedback empower easier appliance the backside for some photos these enhancements find out more about the enhanced System Sensor L Series please visit systemsensor com AV We Hearing mounting plate flexing and electrical contact reinforced pins the best improvement feel much more confident the new assemblies up nicely seated easily snap features makes the product way screw and insert make the product better Terminals Snap System Sensor AVFL91200 09 19

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