System Sensor L-Series Selectable Output Drop-in Ceiling Speaker Strobe, Speaker, and Strobe

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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Selectable Output Ceiling Strobe Speaker and Strobe Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 use with the following models UL SPSCWL TILE SPCWL TILE SCWL TILE ULC SPSCWLA TILE SPCWLA TILE SCWLA TILE SPECIFICATIONS Operating Temperature Range Voltage speakers Supervisory Voltage Frequency Range Settings terminal wire gauge Flash Rate Voltage strobes Voltage Range includes fire alarm panels with built in sync Voltage with MDL3 A Sync Module to 120 0 to 49 to 93 Non condensing 25 Volts or 70.7 Volts VDC 4000 Hz 1 2 Watts to 18 AWG flash per second 12VDC regulated 24VDC or FWR to 17.5V 12V nominal or 16 to 33V 24V nominal to 17.5V 12V nominal or 16.5 to 33V 24V nominal FOR PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES SPCWL TILE SPCWLA TILE 602 mm 602 mm 84 mm lb 6.53 kg SCWL TILE SCWLA TILE Strobe SPSCWL TILE SPSCWLA TILE 602 mm 602 mm 602 mm 602 mm 84 mm 84 mm lb 6.44 kg lb 6.76 kg Suspended Ceiling Seismic tie off points should be used for hanging the product from building structure If ceiling is a 2 grid installer shall the opening with a compatible T grid to create a 2 cell for mounting the product This manual shall be left with the owner user of this equipment INSTALLING read the System Sensor Voice Evacuation Application Guide which detailed information on speaker notification devices wiring and spe applications Copies of this manual are available from System Sensor NFPA 72 and NEMA guidelines should be observed System Sensor also installing fire alarm speakers in compliance with NFPA 72 UL 1480 and NEC 760 Important The notification appliance used be tested and maintained following NFPA 72 requirements CAN ULC S524 guidelines should be observed System Sensor recommends installing fire alarm speakers in compliance with CAN ULC and CEC Important he notification appliance used must be tested and following CAN ULC S536 requirements DESCRIPTION Sensor series of notification appliances offer a wide range of audible visible devices for life safety notification Our indoor speaker strobes with 7 field selectable candela settings The candela setting can be veri when the unit is installed by looking into the small window on the front strobe portion is designed to be used in 12 VDC 24VDC or 24V FWR wave rectified systems The speaker is designed to be used at either 25 70.7 volts and it will operate at any one of four input power levels Our strobes are suitable for dry and damp environments These products electrically backwards compatible with previous generation of System speakers speaker strobes and strobes With its low total harmonic the System Sensor L Series offers high fidelity sound output Speakers Strobes are public mode notification appliances intended to occupants of a life safety event The speaker is listed to ANSI UL 1480 mode and the strobe is listed to ANSI UL 1638 public mode ALARM SYSTEM CONSIDERATIONS System Sensor recommends installing fire alarm speakers in compliance NFPA 72 ANSI UL 1480 and NEC 760 System Sensor recommends installing fire alarm speakers in compli with CAN ULC S524 and Canadian Electrical Code DESIGN system designer must make sure that the total current drawn by the de on the loop does not exceed the current capability of the panel supply that the last device on the circuit is operated within its rated voltage The draw information for making these calculations can be found in the within this manual For convenience and accuracy use the voltage drop on the System Sensor website www systemsensor com calculating the voltage for the last device it is necessary to consider voltage drop due to the resistance of the wire The thicker the wire the the voltage drop Note that if Class A wiring is installed the wire may be up to twice as long as it would be circuits that are not fault The total number of strobes on a single NAC must not exceed 69 for volt applications products meet the light output profiles specified in the appropriate UL See Figure 6 1 CANDELA AND SPEAKER SELECTOR LOCATIONS Candela Box A0589 00 SETTINGS methods shall be in accordance with regional codes United States The National Electrical Code NFPA 70 and the National Alarm and Signaling Code NFPA 72 Canada CSA C22.1 Canadian Electrical Code Part I Safety Standard for Installations Section 32 must not be of such length or wire size which would cause the noti appliance to operate outside of its published specifications Improper can prevent the system from alerting occupants in the event of emergency To uncover the product wires and access hole remove the junction box a Philips head screwdriver See Figure 1 Route the field wiring through the conduit connector Optional for rigid conduit applications or applications which require a junction box Attach customer supplied extension ring for alternate See Figure 2B Prepare the wire connections by stripping about 3 8 of insulation from end of the field wiring Terminate the wires using UL ULC approved nuts Connect wires for speakers and or strobes See Figure 3 a Speaker speaker INPUT from the Amplifier Positive and Negative Connect speaker OUTPUT to the next appliance or EOL resister Strobe Connect the strobe INPUT from the FACP or NAC Positive and Connect the strobe OUTPUT to the next appliance or EOL resister NOTE SUPERVISED STROBE INPUT POWER System Sensor notifica appliances supervise the strobe power on the positive terminal In and output terminals are completely independent and must not be together Configure input power and or candela settings a Speaker See Figure 4 the VOLTS dial to select input voltage 25V or 70 V Turn the WATTS dial to select input wattage 1 or 2 W Strobe See Figure 5 Loosen the cover plate on the back of the product with a Philips screwdriver and move it aside to access the candela switch Use a small flat head screwdriver to move the slider and select 15 30 75 95 115 150 177 Reposition the cover plate and fasten securely Insert all wire connectors under junction box and replace cover Check that all cover plates and conduit connectors are secure AND REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS Insert appliance into the 2x2 opening on an angle and lay it onto the Add additional support wires to the seismic tie off holes on the perimeter the appliance To remove Disconnect seismic tie off wires lift the appliance off the T and lower through opening on an angle finish should not be altered Do not paint 2A MOUNTED APPLIANCE VIEWED FROM ABOVE 2B MOUNTED APPLIANCE WITH OPTIONAL CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT VIEWED FROM ABOVE 2C MOUNTED APPLIANCE VIEWED FROM BELOW 3 WIRING DIAGRAM SPEAKER STROBE SHOWN Black Red Violet Yellow Yellow Sensor offers a wide range of power settings for your life safety needs 1 and 2W levels data per UL 1480 can be found in Table 1 4 SPEAKER WATTAGE AND VOLTAGE SETTINGS 5 CANDELA SELECTOR A0593 00 1 SOUND LEVELS FOR EACH TRANSFORMER POWER SETTING Reverberant dBA 10 ft Anechoic dBA 10 ft W W W W degrees 50 degrees 95 degrees 2 DIRECTIONAL SOUND CHARACTERISTICS levels exceeding 130 rated signal voltage can damage the speaker an incorrect tap connection may cause speaker damage This that if a 25V tap is selected when a 70.7V amplifier is being used damage may result Therefore be sure to select the proper taps for the voltage input po

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