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CO Study Fiber Web Strobes Simplify of Mass System Hickory Tennessee Strobe Expander Plates Web gets a massive upgrade an outdated fire system to a fire MNS system Web is a multi national manufacturer of a range of nonwoven fabrics and products hygiene and cleaning medical industrial and applications Because its campus in Old Hickory Tennessee had been in for many years its fire alarm system was and lacked a mass notification system To make its campus a safer environment its employees the company took a proactive to updating its safety systems The Alarm and Suppression Systems office in Nashville Tennessee was the project to install and upgrade the campus with a fire and mass notification With 12 buildings on the campus including production facility that remains open 24 7 installers had to work around and the constant activity at the to install the massive system They had to keep the current fire alarm system while they were replacing it with the system Because of these installation Northstar had to find a way to the installation costs for the project at a As a result they installed a fiber optic mass notification system that System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance Strobe with Speaker Expander Plates with SpectrAlert Advance speaker a fire alarm speaker strobe mounted onto plate instead of installing one set of used about 1,000 dual strobes and are easy to read The hookups and are similar to other System Sensor The Dual Strobes and Dual Strobe with Expander Plates are designed for use wall and ceiling applications The expander provides fast and easy installation first the plate to a junction box and connect field wiring to the terminals Then hinge and the strobe or speaker strobe device with single captured mounting screw to complete installation This is the first time the Northstar Alarm Suppression Systems office in Nashville System Sensor dual strobes strobes simplified the installation Way only have to install at each able to rough in for one box and have all together in one spot made things a lot We didn have to pull as much wire was a time and cost savings Kyle Way Project Manager Northstar Alarm and Suppression Systems for notification and another set for fire says Kyle Way project manager Alarm and Suppression Systems able to rough in for one box and have it together in one spot made things a lot easier didn have to pull as much wire It was a and cost savings The SpectrAlert Advance Dual Strobe with Expander Plate for emergency uses a single device plate to the functions of two to three devices a back box This combination of multiple on a single plate and back box lowers overall cost of the installation and improves by requiring fewer devices on the wall far as the install compared to a regular a speaker strobe or horn strobe it was says Way a pretty straightforward installing the dual strobes The one time If we had 1,000 fire alarm and we had to go back and install additional speakers for mass notification in a typical application that gets into a lot of work and overtime strobes are a profitable product There certainly a big cost and time savings from an stand point adds Jonathan Brooks manager Northstar Alarm and Systems were two weeks of schedule running in a full time factory very little overtime That a big benefit by these devices If we can prove to our that we are reducing cost on it will bring us more business System Sensor AVCS00900 4 12

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