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HVAC Study DOD Medical Training Facility Pivotal for Fire Safety and MNS at DoD Training Facility Medical Facility Fe New Mexico Notification Strobes Speakers Strobes Department of Defense uses teamwork and System Sensor devices for seamless installation and integration fire and intelligible MNS systems U S Department of Defense DoD sets standards in military excellence and only the best That goes for military and building standards including its systems no surprise then that the DoD takes the in integrating fire and life safety systems mass notification systems MNS The latest of Unified Facilities Criteria UFC UFC which mandates the installation of in all DoD facilities worldwide requires voice alarm and MNS When the DoD decided to consolidate training to one location there was no that Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio become the largest military medical and training facility in the world With 60 medical programs and 24,000 annual that an average daily student load of 9,000 with a support staff of nearly 4,000 The METC Medical Education Training centralizes all Army Navy and Air basic and specialty enlisted medical at Fort Sam Houston The METC joint walls They don like to see holes with wires out so it allows us to cover that hole on wall and look terminated although the may not be ready Another part of the design deals with horns speakers you doing a fire system has horns you have to meet an audibility of 15 dB above ambient Typically the would be placed at the end of the hallway maybe some strategic locations where we get that 15 dB above ambient explains you start dealing voice evacuation and communications not do we want to be able to provide the requirement which is sound pressure we also have to provide the intelligibility that entails a different reading meter and process covering more than 2 million square will consist of five instructional facilities six an Air Force and Navy headquarters a dining facility a gym and lighted walks The six existing Army Medical Center and School buildings will part of the training campus The first medical instructional facilities 1 and METC 2 which are interconnected a common mechanical room were among initial buildings to meet the MNS challenge is a big job because of footprint There more exam rooms and more smaller and a lot of wide open class rooms Duane Hannasch President of Fire Control Systems Inc San Antonio and of the team involved in planning and the fire and life safety systems and for METC made the system far as the authority having jurisdiction the end and the fire departments are happy with the and sound reproduction System Sensor are really excellent Duane Hannasch President of Fire Alarm Control Systems Inc seem seamless was teamwork with the engineering team to get a that will provide the readings that are for audibility and intelligibility One part of the design involved integrating speaker and strobe placements In all that had a fire alarm speaker strobe a clear lens a mass notification amber was placed adjacent to it The fire strobes are ceiling mounted to achieve sound distribution in these areas Hannasch points out that the System Sensor lights had an added benefit They were to mount Because of their plug in design mounting plate allows the installing to pre check the wiring before the devices a big help and it installation time he says were able to those mounting plates in and do the wiring before we put the devices in It keeps having to take the devices down again the end for wall painting etc Usually general contractors like to see something on Although there is more that goes into the to achieve intelligibility simplistically it more speakers order to get the message out you got to understand Hannasch continues to understand it need to put more in there and make them Hannasch explains of having large in one location and taking a lot of out we basically created our audio with one pair of wires from panel to and then returned back to the main panel distributed amplifiers on every other floor were able to keep those wire runs to the down It allows us to really go further do more The flexibility of the Gamewell FCI series panel a combination fire alarm mass panel made it very easy to do end users and the fire departments are with the quality and sound reproduction Sensor speakers are really excellent Hannasch far as the authority having jurisdiction System Sensor AVCS00800 3 12

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