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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Electronic Sounder SS24LO SS24M Strobe MASS12LO MASS24LO MASS24M Combined models add suffix strobes and sounder strobes available in 24VDC only 1 SS12 24 electrical and light ratings SENSOR Division of Pittway 3825 Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 from Current Rectified Supply Supply Output 100 Viewing see Fig 3 RMS no circumstances can SS24 or MASS24 input volt exceed 33 VDC or be less 18 VDC Under no cir can the SS12 or input voltage exceed VDC or be less than 9.6 Under no circumstances the MA12 24D input volt exceed 33 VDC or be less 9.6 VDC C 35o C C 35o C Description National Fire Protection Association has published standards recommended practices for the installation and use of the appliances It is recommended that the installer be familiar these requirements with local codes and any special re of the authority having jurisdiction electronic Multi Alert sounder and the signaling strobe are in to be connected to the alarm indicating circuit of a listed alarm control panel Both are compatible with DC line super The model MA12 24D is suitable for connection to either a or 24 volt panel Models SS24LO SS24M MASS24LO and require 24 volt panels models SS12LO MASS12LO and require 12 volt panels Horn strobe or combination models may be used with panels that have full wave recti 2 Sound output and current ratings for the MA12 24D unfiltered supplies The MA12 24D sounder and MASS12 24 are suitable for outdoor applications C to C when used with a Weatherproof Back Box Model WBB as by UL In Canada rigid steel conduit must be used when the Weatherproof Back Box The light output of the SS24LO MASS12LO and MASS24LO is 1.5 cd min viewing angle The light output of the SS24M MASS12M MASS24M is 15 cd min 100 viewing angle See Figure 3 are eight different sounds which can be selected on the sounder by adding or removing tab clips see Figure 4 sound selected will determine the maximum current and power output per device See Table 2 for these values Hz on Tabs mA Note 1 dBA UL dBA Ratings Note 4 Regulated Unfiltered 2 3 Whoop Continuous Alternating Interrupted Continuous Interrupted Frequency Warble 1 2 3 current for horn strobe combinations horn current current refer to tables 1 and 2 output measured in anechoic room at 10 feet output measured in UL reverberant room Manuals Online 4 5 All horn or combination strobe models can be powered using Figure 4 for tab clip removal storage wave rectified unfiltered supplies 1 12V strobe in rush current 2 24V strobe in rush current calculate battery requirements use current values shown on page 1 It be noted however that there is an in rush current associated with power up This information may be used in consideration of fuse in rush current as can be seen in Figure 1 for the 12V strobe typi peaks at 3A and drops to nominal in 600m S the 24V strobe as shown in Figure 2 the in rush current typically at 7.0A then drops to nominal in 800m S Sounder Strobe Operation may be applications where it is desirable to drive the and strobe as independent devices The System Sensor combination model MASS12 or MASS24 is easily for this feature The terminal connection for this appli is shown in the wiring diagram Figure 8 It must be noted for this particular operation the PC TABS must be broken off strobe operation in a system requires a power supply for the strobe General head screws are used to attach each device or combina of devices to the electrical outlet box Phillips head screws used to attach accessories to the horn Refer to Figures 5 6 and 8 for wiring methods not loop wires under the terminal screw Wires connecting the to the panel must be broken at the device terminal connec in order to maintain electrical supervision sounder is 1 1 4 deep Back boxes should be 4 square by 1 deep minimum 2 1 8 deep is recommended Sounder Strobe combination mounting the two holes which will be used to mount the combination to the electrical outlet box Use remaining holes to attach the strobe to the sounder with phillips head screws Surface Mount See Fig 11 Semi Flush Mount See Fig 12 and 15 Sounder mounting Surface Mount See Fig 9 Semi Flush Mount See Fig 12 and 15 Flush Mount See Fig 14 mounting requires the use of the deep box BB D or Determine which of the two holes will be used to the device to the box Mount the flush plate to the using the two 1 5 16 inch phillips head screws and square nuts through the remaining two holes Strobe mounting Surface Mount See Fig 10 Semi Flush Mount See Fig 13 procedures must conform to appropriate agency re including but not limited to the following 72 NEC ART 760 ET AL CAN ULC S524 CEC PART 1 SEC ULC models have suffix A rated output of the sounder is specified at 10 feet It should be assumed that the output will meet the NFPA requirement 15 dB over ambient noise at all locations within a room Addi sounders may be needed to ensure sound output level com with NFPA requirements Of Sounder Strobes sounder and or strobe will not work without power The sounder gets its power from the fire security panel monitoring the alarm If power is cut off for any reason the sounder strobe will not pro the desired audio or visual warning sounder may not be heard The loudness of the sounder meets or current Underwriters Laboratories standards However the may not alert a sound sleeper or one who has recently used drugs has been drinking alcoholic beverages The sounder may not be heard if is placed on a different floor from the person in hazard or if placed too away to be heard over the ambient noise such as traffic air condition machinery or music appliances that may prevent alert persons from the alarm The sounder may not be heard by persons who are impaired signal strobe may not be seen The electronic visual warning signal an extremely reliable xenon flash tube It flashes at least once every seconds and exceeds current Underwriters Laboratories standards private mode viewing The visual warning signal is suitable for direct and must be installed within an area where it can be seen by occupants The strobe must not be installed in direct sunlight or of high light intensity over 60 foot candles where the visual flash be disregarded or not seen The strobe may not be seen by the visu impaired and is not intended to meet American Disabilities Act ADA signal strobe may cause seizures Individuals who have positive response to visual stimuli with seizures such as persons with epi should avoid prolonged exposure to environments in which strobe including this strobe are activated signal strobe cannot operate from coded power supplies Coded supplies produce interrupted power The strobe must have an unin source of dc power in order to operate correctly System Sensor that the sounder and signal strobe always be used in combi so that the risks from any of the above limitations are minimized Manuals Online 3 Light output vs viewing angle 4 SLOT

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