System Sensor Outdoor Device Shorting Spring

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Technical Field Bulletin March 10 2008 of issue Effective Monday March 3 2008 all new System Sensor outdoor horns strobes horn strobes will ship with mounting plates with the shorting spring in the open position numbers The affected models are all series outdoor horns strobes and horn strobes P2RK P2RHK PC2RK PC2RHK SRK SCRK SRHK SCRHK P4RK P4RHK PC4RK and all replacement models HRK R P2RK R P2RHK R PC2RK R PC2RHK R SRK R SRHK R SCRHK R P4RK R P4RHK R PC4RK R PC4RHK R The SpectrAlert Advance mounting plate uses a shorting spring between the two positive see photo to allow wiring continuity to be verified without the device installed After if the device is removed from the plate contact should be disengaged resulting in a or indication at the panel SPRING has been determined that on outdoor units only the gasket around the mounting plate may not the contact to be locked open when the device attached As a result if the device is ever removed the mounting plate the panel may not detect a signal Installed product remains operational all cases Action System Sensor is working on permanent solution to the condition In the short the issue can be corrected by manually locking contact into the position This can be done by using a small flat head screw driver and putting pressure on the dimpled area of the shorting spring You can verify it is disengaged by the two metal pieces are not touching Please make sure the shorting springs are disengaged part of your regular maintenance schedule questions can be directed to System Sensor Technical Service at 1 800 SENSOR2 goal is to resolve this issue as efficiently as possible you have any questions concerning System Sensor products or their application contact Technical Services at 1 800 SENSOR2 736 7672 extension 2 Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 Phone 800 736 7672 Fax 630 377 6583 www systemsensor com

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