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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Explosion Proof Indicator and Butterfly Valve Switch 2.1875 Information for Post Indicator Valves and Valves PIBVEXP is designed for installation in a 1 NPT PIBVEXP is equipped with a removable 1 NPT A an adjustable length actuating lever which elimi Read Carefully and Save instruction manual contains important information and butterfly type valves Read all instructions 1A and 1B Flag flag 1 Instructions For Post Indicator Valves There are two types of post indicator valves rising and falling flag In a rising flag installation the PIBVEXP will work for either application To binding on the actuating lever the unit be oriented with the conduit entry pointing for a rising flag application and pointing for a falling flag application An improper can cause damage to the PIBVEXP hole remove the plug and go to step 6 If the post Position a 3 In a rising flag installation flag rises as valve is Replace Screw the locknut onto the threaded nipple which is Screw the nipple hand tight into the 1 hole in the and tighten the locknut against the housing to Insert Close Install the PIBVEXP onto the nipple and orient the entry per Section 1 Apply pressure to the Slowly open the valve to its fully open position The should trip as the valve opens but not force check for this condition open the valve fully and and turning the handle while the valve stem is After checking the fully open position to ensure clearance close the valve slowly until the If the PIBVEXP does not change states within 1 of Wire When 2 Instructions For Butterfly Valves 2 set screws that hold the nipple on the the nipple into the 1 NPT hole and hand the actuating arm and install PIBVEXP onto the orienting the PIBVEXP to trip the switch as the closes To prevent binding on the actuating lever unit must be oriented so the flag falls away from the lever when the valve is closed Apply pressure 2 3

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