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RR2 Reversal Module Description RR2 Polarity Reversal Relay is intended for use with and 4 wire detectors with sounder such as the following Sensor models 2100AT 2112 24ATR and Per NFPA require the RR2 is designed to allow detectors on a loop to sound when goes into alarm The RR2 can dif between steady and pulsed outputs Voltage Range to 35 VDC Operating Current Contacts at 35 VDC Temperature Range to 131 F 0 to 55 C Humidity Range to 95 non condensing 1 2 x 2 1 2 x 1 connections AWG stranded tinned 16 long Overview be used with a single alarm panel that provides both pulsed output for and output for burglary NFPA 72 requirement for models for use with System 2100 Series sounder wires facilitate easy with 2 wire and smoke detectors be used with 12 VDC and VDC systems quick disconnects for wiring Asked Questions What advantage does the RR2 have over the RR1 The RR2 has the ability to differentiate between and pulsed panel outputs and can be on single output panels Are there any special wiring instructions to follow with RR2 Polarity should be observed and the RR2 must be to an auxiliary power supply What panel types are compatible with the RR2 The RR2 can be used with 2 wire 4 wire 12 VDC or RR2 What kind of panel outputs are required for use with VDC single or combination output panels The RR2 can be used with control panels with a Does the RR2 operate with Ademco panels Are Ademco modules also required output or an alarm relay output Does the RR2 accommodate more than one 2 wire The RR2 operates with Ademco panels and does not detector 2100AT on a loop a separate Ademco module Does the RR2 operate with continuous and coded alarm signals The RR2 offers a switch for setting the for continuous or coded outputs Yes more than one model 2100AT can be placed on a when the panel switches to a reverse polarity non auxiliary power supply Refer to diagrams below for speci 2 wire detector supply must be adequate per appropriate calculations optional Style A Class A is used a second RR2 must be added to concurrent loop reversal System Triggered from Alarm Relay Contact System Triggered from IAC Bell Circuit signal alarm state LISTED POWER Contact LISTED POWER Sensor Sales and Service Sensor Headquarters Ohio Avenue Charles IL 60174 800 736 7672 630 377 6495 x3 www systemsensor com Sensor in Canada 905 812 0767 905 812 0771 Sensor in Europe 44.1403.276500 44.1403.276501 Sensor in China 86.29.524.6253 86.29.524.6259 Sensor in the Far East 852.21919003 852.27366580 Sensor in India 91.11.558.2119 91.11.527.6815 Sensor in Singapore 65.273.2230 65.273.2610 Sensor in Australia 613.54.281.142 613.54.281.172 System Sensor The company reserves the right to change product speci without notice

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