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A Division of Pittway 3825 Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Series Strobes with for Fire Protective Systems 1 PS12 24ADA Series Electrical Ratings Current from Regulated Supply cid 13 in of Only Current Current Current in Peak Current from cid 13 Rectified Unfiltered Supply current du is less than microseconds seconds Horn current is 12mA 12VDC 15mA 24VDC This manual should be left with the owner user this equipment Description National Fire Protection Association has published and recommended practices for the installation use of the above appliances It is recommended that installer be familiar with these requirements with local and any special requirements of the local fire having jurisdiction Piezo electronic sounder and signaling strobe are to be connected to the alarm indicating circuit of a fire alarm control panel Both are compatible with line supervision The electronic sounder can be to either 12 or 24 VDC panels Models PS2475ADA PS24110ADA and PS241575ADA 24 volt panels Models PS1215ADA and require 12 volt panels Panels may have full 1 Vertical and horizontal light distsribution rectified unfiltered power supplies The strobes one flash per second nominal with continuous voltage applied sounder strobe strobe is rated for 0 cid 176 to 49 cid 176 C and is suitable for outdoor use rated light output of the PS2415ADA PS1215ADA and PS121575ADA is 15 cd See Figure 1 rated light output of the PS2475ADA is 75 cd See 1 rated light output of the PS24110ADA is 110 cd See 1 The 15 75 cd strobe has been measured to be 75 cd 0 cid 176 viewing angle Percent of Rating 0 25 90 45 75 50 55 55 45 60 40 65 35 70 35 75 30 80 30 85 25 90 25 than 90 dBA measured in anechoic room at 10 feet volts see Figure 2 for other voltages 79 dBA minimum in UL reverberant room 12V and 82 dBA 2 All models can be powered using full wave recti unfiltered supplies Under no circumstances PS24ADA series devices input voltage exceed VDC or be less than 16 VDC 16 33Vrms for full rectified unfiltered supplies Under no cir can a PS12ADA series device input exceed 18.7 VDC or be less than 9.6 VDC 18.7Vrms for full wave rectified unfiltered General strobes must be mounted so that the top of the lens is inches 61cm below ceilings or as required by the having jurisdiction head screws are used to attach PS12 24ADA to plate or the electrical outlet box Slotted head are used to attach semi flush plate to outlet box Figures 3 and 4 for wiring methods Sounder Strobe combination mounting Surface Mount See Figure 5 Semi Flush Mount See Figures 6 and 7 Semi Flush Mount with Plaster Ring or Double Gang Do not loop wires under the terminal screw Wires the device to the panel must be broken the device terminal connection in order to electrical supervision PS12 24ADA is designed for wall mounting ONLY is intended for mounting to a standard 2 1 2 deep gang box which allows sufficient clearance for entrance See Figure 8 procedures must conform to all applicable codes the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction The rated output of the sounder is specified at 10 It cannot be assumed that the output will the NFPA standard of 15 dB over ambient at all locations within a room Additional may be needed to ensure sound output complies with NFPA requirements 3 Operating horn and strobe in tandem 4 Operating horn and strobe independently and for Remove paper cut and red and wires between horn and strobe finished wiring cid 13 paper shield cid 13 on unit shown in alarm condition Polarity is reversed in condition shown in alarm condition Polarity is reversed in condition types used in Figures 5 8 below Phillips Oval Head Slotted Pan Head Slotted Pan Head Phillips Oval Head Sheet Metal 5 Surface mount to single gang box 6 Semi flush mount to single gang box Complete Field Wiring see Figure 3 Screw PS12 24ADA to Outlet Box with A Screws Complete Field Wiring See Figure 3 Screw PS12 24ADA to Outlet Box with A Screws 7 Semi flush mount to 4 box 8 Semi flush mount with plaster ring or double box Screw Semi Flush Plate to 4 Box with B Screws Complete Field Wiring See Figure 3 Screw PS12 24ADA to Semi Flush Plate with D Screws Screw Semi Flush Plate to Box with C Screws Complete Field Wiring See Figure 3 Screw PS12 24ADA to Semi Flush Plate with D Screws Limitations of Sounder Strobes Sounder and or Strobe will not work without power The sounder gets its power from the fire security panel monitoring the alarm If power is cut off for any reason the sounder strobe will not pro the desired audio or visual warning Sounder may not be heard The loudness of the sounder meets or current Underwriters Laboratories standards However the may not alert a sound sleeper or one who has recently used drugs has been drinking alcoholic beverages The Sounder may not be heard it is placed on a different floor from the person in hazard or if placed too away to be heard over the ambient noise such as traffic air condition machinery or music appliances that may prevent alert persons from the alarm The Sounder may not be heard by persons who are impaired Signal Strobe may not be seen The electronic visual warning signal flashes at least once every three seconds meets or exceeds current Un Laboratories standard 1971 and uses an extremely reliable xe flash tube The visual warning signal is suitable for direct viewing and be installed within an area where it can be seen by building occu The strobe must not be installed in direct sunlight or areas of high intensity over 60 foot candles where the visual flash might be disre or not seen The strobe may not be seen by the visually im signal strobe may cause seizures Individuals who have a positive response to visual stimuli with seizures such as epileptics should prolonged exposure to environments in which strobe signals in this strobe are activated Sensor recommends tha

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