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SpectrAlert Lens and Horn Strobes Available Overview with red amber green or lens UL 1638 Private Mode Horn Strobes operate at volts current draw horn tones mounting plate included mounting plates available with Sync Colored Lens series strobes and horn strobes provide many of the same as the original SpectrAlert design but with the choice of colored lenses for differentiation Intended for private mode applications the Colored Lens and horn strobe meet UL 1638 Mode Emergency and General Utility SpectrAlert Colored Lens products are designed for use in niche not requiring UL 1971 noti devices SpectrAlert strobes and are offered with red amber green and blue lenses for use in spe alarm systems such as gas alarms suppression systems non applica requiring evacuation signaling and as warning trouble or identi The low current draw of SpectrAlert products helps minimize supply requirements By consuming less current the to connect devices per loop is possible for a lower installed cost SpectrAlert products are easy to use to help reduce installation Each SpectrAlert includes a universal mounting plate for 4 square and gang back box mounting Accessory mounting plates are also available small footprint or surface mount applications Speci strobes and horn strobes shall be capable of mounting to a 4 back box or a single gang 2 back box the universal mounting plate included with each SpectrAlert prod Strobes and Horn Strobes shall have a light output of 75 candela per 1638 and shall have an operating voltage range of 20 volts products shall have an operating temperature of 32 to 120 operate from a regulated DC or full wave recti un power SpectrAlert products when used in conjunction with the accessory Module shall be powered from a non coded power supply shall operate on 24 volts Combination shall be a System Sensor SpectrAlert Model listed to 1638 and UL 464 and the rate shall be 1 Hz over the strobe operating voltage range The strobe light shall consist of a xenon tube and associated lens re system The horn shall have two options two audibility options and the option to switch between a 3 pattern and a non temporal continuous pattern Strobes shall powered independently of the sounder with the removal of factory jumper wires The horn on horn strobe models shall operate on coded or non coded power supply the strobe must be powered continu for the horn to operate shall be a System Sensor SpectrAlert Model listed to UL at 1 Hz over the strobe entire operating voltage range strobe light shall consist of a xenon tube and associated system or 2 standard backboxes Temperature to 120 VDC and FWR unfiltered Voltage Range 20 Voltage Range 21 with Sync Circuit module MDL products should be operated their rated voltage range UL does howev test functional integrity to and 10 of stated ranges Terminals to 18 AWG or Horn Strobe with universal mounting 5 or Horn Strobe with small footprint plate oz Sound Output Tone Hz Interrupted Tone UL Reverberant Room Peak Reverberant dBA Volts DC dBA 10 ft Volts DC Room Peak dBA Volts DC dBA 10 ft Volts DC Information Model Number Footprint Mounting Plate Mount Back Box Skirt Mounting Plate Replacement Sensor Sales and Service Color mA VDC mA VFWR current draws reflect factory setting of temporal 3 electromechanical tone high audibility Sensor in Canada 905.812.0767 905.812.0771 Sensor Headquarters Ohio Avenue Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 630 377 6495 On Demand x3 www systemsensor com 2000 System Sensor The company reserves the right to change product speci without notice Sensor in Europe 44.1403.276500 44.1403.276501 Sensor in China 86.29.524.6253 86.29.524.6259 Sensor in Singapore 65.273.2230 65.273.2610 Sensor in the Far 852.21919003 852.27366580 Sensor in Australia 613.54.281.142 613.54.281.172 Sensor in India 91.11.558.2119 91.11.567.6815

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