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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Series Dual Transformer and Speaker Strobes for Protective Signaling Systems Terminals Size Size Round Square Input Range Temperature Range to 18 AWG 3.31 to 0.82 mm2 inches 101 mm 187 mm 127 mm volts or 70.7 volts nominal 4000 Hz to 120 cid 176 F 0 cid 176 to 49 cid 176 C Division of Pittway 3825 Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 This manual should be left with the owner user this equipment Description National Fire Protection Association NFPA has pub standards and recommended practices for the speak described in this manual As a result the installer must familiar with these requirements as well as all local and special requirements of the authority having ju series speakers can be operated with distribution having an output voltage of either 25 volts or volts speakers operate at any one of six input power levels output sound level is selected at the time of installa but can be changed if necessary speaker is also equipped with a capacitive input to al for DC supervision optional attached 1.5 or 15 candela cd strobe is also from System Sensor for use with the speaker Al they are shipped as a unit the strobe and speaker electrically independent and require separate power Strobes can be powered by means of a full wave unfiltered supply wiring must be installed in compliance with the Na Electrical Code and all applicable local codes as well any special requirements of the authority having juris using the proper wire size This also includes all NFPA Standards ANSI UL 1480 and NEC 760 Connect the speaker and strobe if used as shown in 1 Keep in mind that even though the speaker and strobe are a single mechanical unit they are independent and require separate power Do NOT loop electrical wiring under terminal Wires connecting the device to the control must be broken at the device terminal con in order to maintain electrical supervision Notice that the speaker circuit board is equipped with sets of posts and associated electrical jumper wires set of posts is numbered 1 through 6 while the other labeled A and B Both electrical leads are fitted with a connector These two sets of posts and leads en the installer to select any one of six sound pressure with either a 25 volt or 70.7 volt amplifier 1 Electrical connections V V Reverberant 10 ft 10 ft W 1 4 W 1 8 W 1 For example Table 1 shows that to select a 1 4 Watt in when a 25 volt amplifier is being used slide the blue onto post 3 and slide the yellow lead onto post B to select a 4 Watt input with a 70.7 volt ampli slide the blue and yellow leads onto posts 2 and A 1 also lists the UL reverberant and anechoic output levels for each transformer power tap on the SP100 SP101 speakers levels exceeding 130 rated signal voltage can dam the speaker Consequently an incorrect tap connection cause speaker damage This means that if a 25V tap is when a 70.7V amplifier is being used speaker may result Therefore be sure to select the proper for the amplifier voltage input power level combina being used connect the yellow jumper to the posts numbered 1 6 or the blue jumper to lettered posts A or B 2 head screws are included for attaching the speaker the electrical junction box Insert the decorative filler supplied into the remaining two holes in the grille Figure 2 The speaker can be flush mounted on a 4 X X 2 1 8 back box with a 1 1 2 extension ring as fol Select the appropriate pair of diagonally opposite holes in the speaker grille Use the two 8 32 X 1 3 4 slotted pan head screws pro to attach the speaker to the back box Insert the decorative filler plugs supplied into the re two speaker mounting holes Light Ratings signaling strobe is rated for 0 cid 176 to 49 cid 176 C and is not suit for outdoor use Figure 3 The light output of the SP10 24LO is 1.5 cd when it is viewed from the front The light out of the SP10 24M is 15 cd minimum when it is viewed the front no circumstances can the strobe input voltage ex 33 VDC or be less than 18 VDC calculate battery requirements use the current values in Table 2 However note that there is an in rush associated with strobe power up This information be used in consideration of fuse selection the 24V strobe as shown in Figure 4 the in rush cur typically peaks at 7.0A then drops to nominal in S 3 Figure 4 24 V Strobe in rush current 2 Strobe characteristics Current cid 13 Light cid 13 Listed cid 13 Rectified cid 13 100 cid 13 Angle cid 13 Fig 3 w strobe mA mA rms w strobe mA mA rms cd cd Notes 1 Legend SP100 Round grille speaker SP101 Square grille speaker W white R red 24 24 Volt Strobe LO 1.5 candela strobe M 15 candela strobe Example SP101R24M M 15 candela strobe 24 24 volt strobe R Red SP101 Square grille speaker 2 SP100 24LOC or SP100 24MC ships with ceiling mount strobe 3 SP101 24LO or SP101 24M ships with wall mount strobe Limitations of Speaker Strobes either of the power option jumper wires is not plugged into one of the option positions the speaker will not sound and there will be trouble indication at the panel Always make sure that the individual are tested after installation per NFPA regulations speaker may not be heard The loudness of the speaker meets or the current Underwriters Laboratories standards However the may not attract the attention of a sound sleeper or one who has used drugs or has been drinking alcoholic beverages The speaker not be heard if it is placed on a different floor from the person in haz or if placed too far away to be heard over the ambient noise Traffic air machinery or music appliances may prevent even alert per from hearing the alarm The speaker may not be heard by persons are hearing impaired Signal Strobe may not be seen The electronic visual warning signal flashes at least once every three seconds meets or exceeds current Laboratories standard 1638 and uses an extremely reliable flash tube The visual warning signal is suitable for direct viewing must be installed within an area where it can be seen by building oc The strobe must not be installed in direct sunlight or areas of light intensity over 60 foot candles where the visual flash might be or not seen The strobe may not be seen by the visually im and is NOT intended to meet American Disabilities Act ADA re signal strobe may cause seizures Individuals who have positive response to visual stimuli with seizures such as persons with epi should avoid prolonged exposure to environments in which strobe including this strobe are activated Sensor recommends that the speaker and signal strobe always be in combination so that the risks from any of the above limitations are Limited Warranty Sensor warrants its enclosed speaker strobe to be free from defects materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period three years from date of manufacture System Sensor makes no other warranty for this speaker strobe No agent representative dealer employee of the Company has the authority to increase or alter the obli or limitations of this Warranty The Company obligation of this shall be limited to the repair or replacement of any part of the which is found to be defective in materials or workman under normal use and service during the three year period commenc with the date of manufacture After phoning System Sensor toll free 800 SENSOR2

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