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V400 Series voltages 25 and 70.7 Vrms selectable taps 1 2 watts dBA 90 2 watts to UL 1480 for speakers for signaling systems Speci Sensor V400 series speakers are for use with voice tone and visible sig and are designed to meet UL1480 Fire Standard Speci shall be a System Sensor Model dual transformer speaker capa of operating at 25 and 70.7 Vrms Speaker shall be listed to Underwriter Standard 1480 for protective signaling systems Speaker shall a frequency range of 400 to 4000 Hz and shall have an operating temper between 32 and 120 Speaker shall have power taps which are selected means of a jumper wire s V400 Series Tap Selection Mounting Diagram S M S M 25 70.7 Terminals to 18 AWG Size Color 102 mm red lb 317 gm Order mounting plates separately 4 x 4 x 1 1 1 standard back For 12 or 14 gauge wire a 2 1 backbox is deep backbox BBD with flush mounting Temperature Range to 120 0 to 49 Input volts or 70.7 volts nominal Range 4000 Hz OR OR Tap Selection and Sound Output Reverberant dBA 10 ft dBA 10 ft Anechoic dBA 10 ft Information Series Speakers Model Model watt watt watt watt Model series speaker mounting plate mounting deep backbox 2 3 deep mounting plate Sensor Sales and Service Sensor Headquarters Ohio Avenue Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 630 377 6495 on Demand x3 Sensor Canada 905.812.0767 905.812.0771 Sensor Europe 011.44.1403.276500 011.44.1403.276501 Sensor in China Sensor in Singapore Sensor Far East Sensor Australia 011.613.54.281.142 011.613.54.281.172 1999 System Sensor The company reserves the right to change product speci without notice

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