System Sensor SAA Low Frequency Sounders Sound

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Selectable Output Frequency and Low Sounder for Wall Advance audible visible notification products rich with features guaranteed to cut installation times maximize profits 520 Plug in Tamper resistant Rotary Universal Electrically Compatible Listed Listings SpectrAlert Advance series Advance Specifications Specifications Frequency Sounder Frequency Sounder Strobe Combination Module Specifications Operating Temperature Range Range Flash Rate Voltage Low Frequency Sounder Voltage Range Low Frequency Sounder Strobe Voltage Range Voltage Range MDL3 Sync Module Terminal Wire Gauge Dimensions including lens Dimensions Frequency Sounder Strobe with Surface Mount Back Box SBBR SBBW Frequency Sounder with Surface Mount Back Box Dimensions SBBW Current Draw Data Max Low Frequency Sounder Current Draw mA RMS Volts Pattern Volts Max Current Draw mA RMS 2 Wire Low Frequency Sounder Strobe High Candela Range Input Volts

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