System Sensor SAA Speakers SP y SPV de SpectrAlert Advance Parlantes de voltaje dual para sistemas de señalización contra incendios

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I Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 to 120 0 to 49 to 93 Non condensing Series Series Meets NEMA 4X and IP56 rating requirements to 151 to 66 for Speakers and Accessories Product Speaker Speaker Back Box Mount Skirt NOTE V suffix refers to high volume device C suffix refers to ceiling device Product Speaker Speaker Back Box Mount Skirt above finished surface of wall or ceiling Weatherproof back box dimensions do not include the two mounting tabs 1 WIRING DIAGRAM AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Advance SP and SPV Series Voltage Speakers for Protective Signaling Systems use with the following models SPR SPW SPRV SPWV SPRK SPWK SPCW SPCWV SPCRV and SPCWK SPECIFICATIONS Temperature Range Voltage Supervisory Voltage Frequency Range Settings Terminal Wire Guage Volts or 70.7 Volts nominal VDC 4000 Hz 1 2 1 2 watts AWG Box Options Products 4 21 8 or deeper Series Products red wall metal weatherproof back box white wall metal weatherproof back box white ceiling weatherproof back box indoor SP SPV SPC and SPCV Series are suitable for dry and damp environments Series models are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications This manual shall be left with the owner user of this equipment models are suitable for outdoor use in wet environments with out backbox supplied with the product DESCRIPTION SpectrAlert Advance series of notification appliances offers a wide range indoor and outdoor speakers for wall and ceiling applications indoors and They are designed to be used at either 25 or 70.7 volts and operate any one for four input power levels These products are electrically back compatible with the previous generation of SpectrAlert speakers With low total harmonic distortion the SpectrAlert Advance SP series offers fidelity sound output The SpectrAlert Advance SPV series offers greater output at every tap setting for applications with high ambient noise Wall and ceiling products may be used interchangeably wall products be used on the ceiling and ceiling products may be used on the wall K products are designed to be used over a wider range of temperatures are suitable for use in wet locations ALARM SYSTEM CONSIDERATIONS wiring must be installed in compliance with the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes System Sensor recommends installing fire speakers in compliance with NFPA 72 ANSI UL1480 and NEC 760 Wiring Connect the speaker as shown in Figure 1 NOTE Do not loop electrical wiring under terminal screws Wires con the device to the control panel must be broken at the device connection in order to maintain electrical supervision There are two rotary switches on the back of the product The first switch used to select either 25 or 70.7 volts input The second switch is used select the input power of 1 4 1 2 1 or 2 watts FROM TO NEXT OR EOL 2 SPEAKER WATTAGE AND VOLTAGE SETTINGS 1 SOUND LEVELS FOR EACH TRANSFORMER POWER TAP Reverberant dBA 10 ft SPC SPCV SPRING A shorting spring is provided between terminals 2 and 3 of the mount plate to enable wiring checks after the system has been wired but prior installation of the final product This spring will automatically disengage the product is installed to enable supervision of the final system 3 ANechoic dBA 10 ft SPC SPCV V suffix refers to high volume device suffix refers to ceiling mount device levels exceeding 130 rated signal voltage can damage the speaker an incorrect tap connection may cause speaker damage This that if a 25V tap is selected when a 70.7V amplifier is being used damage may result Therefore be sure to select the proper taps for the voltage input power level combination being used INDOOR WALL OR CEILING PRODUCTS Attach mounting plate to junction box as shown in Figures 4 and 5 The plate is compatible with 4 x 4 x 21 8 junction boxes If using back box skirt or trim ring attach the mounting plate to the skirt or ring and then attach the entire assembly to the junction box see 4 5 6 and 7 Connect field wiring to terminals as shown in Figure 1 If the product is not to be installed at this point use the paint cover to contamination of the mounting plate To attach product to mounting plate remove the paint cover then hook on the product housing into the grooves on the mounting plate Then swing product into position to engage the pins on the product with terminals on the mounting plate Make sure that the tabs on the back the product housing fully engage with the mounting plate Secure product by tightening the single mounting screw in the front the product housing For tamper resistance the standard captivated screw may be replaced with the enclosed Torx screw SERIES MOUNTING K Series products may be used indoors or outdoors They must be in using the proper SpectrAlert Advance weatherproof back box Do attempt to use boxes other than those specified for use with the The plastic weatherproof back box is equipped with removable side for mounting The back box may be secured directly to the wall ceiling using the flanges plastic or metal back boxes or by using the plugs plastic back boxes Knockout plugs are provided to directly to the wall or ceiling or to a 1900 weatherproof electrical see Figure 12 Threaded holes are provided in the sides of the box for inch conduit Knockout plugs in the back of the box can be used for or inch rear entry Unused holes must be sealed Plugs and O Rings are with the box for this purpose It is the responsibility of the installer to make sure that all openings and are sealed properly Outdoor installations that are protected direct exposure to rain are still subject to condensation or leakage hidden areas such as a soffit Water may pool on the back box due to condensation or direct exposure rain or snow Use watertight fittings for all wiring connections includ the knockout plugs on the back of the box When using the plastic to fill unused threaded holes make sure the O rings supplied are positioned on the plug The plugs must be sealed with PTFE seal tape SPRING 8 OUTDOOR WALL MOUNT PRODUCT WITH PLASTIC BACK BOX Attach the mounting plate to the weatherproof back box using the four screws Follow steps 2 5 of the indoor mounting instructions to wire and attach product The product must be mounted to the weather proof back using the painted screws wall product has 4 screws ceiling product 3 screws snaps are not intended to secure the product to the back The product must be secured to the back box using the screws provided 4 WALL MOUNT PRODUCT WITH TRIM RING 9 OUTDOOR CEILING MOUNT PRODUCT WITH PLASTIC BACK BOX 5 CEILING MOUNT PRODUCT WITH TRIM RING 10 OUTDOOR WALL MOUNT PRODUCT WITH METAL BACK BOX 6 WALL MOUNT PRODUCT WITH BACK BOX SKIRT 11 OUTDOOR CEILING MOUNT PRODUCT WITH METAL BACK BOX 7 CEILING MOUNT PRODUCT WITH BACK BOX SKIRT 12 FOR KNOCKOUTS USE A FLAT BLADE SCREWDRIVER Place the blade along edge of the slot and slowly your way around the slot you strike the srewdriver refer to insert for the Limitations of Fire Alarm Systems LIMITATIONS OF SPEAKERS make sure that the individual speakers are tested

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