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Architects and Engineering Specification Advance High Volume Speakers Speaker appliance shall be System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance model high volume Speaker The speaker shall be listed to UL 1480 for Fire Protective Service It shall be a dual transformer speaker capable of operation at 25.0 or 70.7 nominal Vrms The speaker shall have a range of 400 to 4,000 Hz and shall have an operating temperature between 32 and 120 It mount to a 4 x 4 x 2 1 8 inch back box universal mounting plate shall be used for mounting ceiling and wall speaker products The notification circuit and amplifier wiring shall terminate at the universal mounting plate shall be plug in and shall have the ability to check wiring continuity via a shorting spring on the mounting plate The shorting spring shall also provide tamper resistance via an open circuit if the is removed Speaker design shall isolate speaker components to reduce ground fault incidents speaker shall have power taps from watt to 2 watts and voltage that are selected by rotary All models shall have a maximum sound output of 90 dB at 10 feet and shall incorporate a back construction notification appliances shall be backward compatible Speaker Speaker

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