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Case Study Mattress Warehouse BEAM Smoke Detector with Integral Self Test order to keep up with demand and meet customer orders in a fashion one of the largest mattress retailers in the U S was to expand its warehousing capabilities The company construction of one such facility in New York in 2009 of its large size and open floor plan the three story structure presented several challenges for the fire system hired to design and install the fire system AFA Systems Inc of Syosset N Y With 30 foot high and about 260,000 square feet of open floor space AFA against using typical spot detection early in their design reflected beam detectors include the projector and on a single end only one end of the installation needs to wired which reduces installation time and costs AFA expects service and maintenance of these devices to also keep in line for the mattress retailer only 20 beam detectors be maintained compared to hundreds of spot detectors that be required to cover the same space Eriksen been installing these devices for over six and the only issues we encountered are sometimes a need to realign devices if there significant building haven been any But issues with this installation since nor have there been any false alarms Better System Sensor Reflected Beam Smoke series includes the most innovative smoke detectors in the industry With one device to install and align and the to protect large areas with a single these single ended solutions save you and money on open area and high ceiling And when it comes to ongoing these detectors offer easy to status indications integral test features remote testing accessories that enable and cost savings on ongoing testing and more information visit systemsensor com beam cover that amount of space at that height spot detectors would not be an effective for the warehouse in terms of cost or said Mike Eriksen AFA project for the job installers would be up lifts wiring over a hundred standard smoke which would make installation very and more time consuming In addition an actual fire situation air buffer zones could smoke from reaching detectors at that in a timely manner as part of the fire system design AFA to use 20 System Sensor addressable beam smoke detectors with an self test to cover the high ceiling areas the warehouse a long range kit these can cover up to 328 feet So we mounted the detectors with the reflectors on the opposite ends of the room cover the entire space said Andy Karzen the lead technician the project were also able to mount the detectors on from the rafters about 10 feet from the ceiling to ensure that from fires could reach them quickly elements of the system included NOTIFIER 3030 Panels pull stations heat detection duct smoke detection and modules to enable elevator recall AFA noted that there is a learning curve involved in specialty detectors like reflected beam smoke detectors benefits for this application far outweighed any downside Said important to mount the detectors at least 12 inches from the ceiling and other obstructions so look at the before you start mounting System Sensor All rights reserved Product specifications subject to change without notice 8 10 2329

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