System Sensor WFDTH T-Tap Water Flow Detectors

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WFDTH Detector System Sensor WFDTH Retard T Tap Waterflow is designed for primary signaling in systems and fits within 2 stud wall Listings Specifications Specifications Specifications Pressure Rating Surge Threshold Flow Rate Dimensions Temperature Range 32 Rating Tamper Switch Use Ratings Tee Entrances Weight Patent Numbers Connections PANEL OR COMMON AND B NO WILL CLOSE VANE IS DEFLECTED I E WATER IS FLOWING DUAL PERMIT TO BE COMBINED A SINGLE DETECTOR EOL VAC RATINGS AMPS AMPS VDC Adjustment Dial D I AL IS APPRO O N D E L AY IN SECO M M B Retard time may exceed 90 seconds and verify that time does not exceed 90 seconds OF IN WATERFLOW WIRE AS FOR OF DO ALLOW WIRE TO EXTEND SWITCH DO NOT WIRES Information Model No Model No

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