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ApplicationGUIDES Protection for EVERYApplication provides the industry most line of surge protection for power video voice and signals in industrial commercial and residential applications system specific product designs cover the full spectrum application requirements delivering optimum protection and Building on its core platform of varistor based for high energy dissipation applications the company introduced diode based technologies to address the low and fast clamping performance characteristics to protect high speed video and data signals new multi stage devices utilize multiple technologies include filtering power conditioning and over current These next generation products provide a solution at a nominal cost Contents Solutions Alarm Protection Grade AC Power You Should Know are power surges and spikes and spikes are an increase in electrical line that can cause serious damage to equipment A surge less than 500 Volts and lasts less than 2 seconds are much shorter in duration typically less than one of a second but they can measure into the of Volts causes surges and spikes a direct hit is usually catastrophic effects of surges and spikes are the three D gradual deterioration of internal circuitry resulting in expensive equipment costs the most costly effect can result in lost or lost customers payback for investing in quality surge protection is Strikes lightning strikes several miles away causing voltage spikes along transmission lines downtime non billable service calls Blackouts under voltage or sag that is followed by an unusually high voltage transient profits Grid Switching utility companies switching transmission from one supply system to another Loads the switching on and off of electric motors or outside a facility such as air conditioners or heavy equipment should be protected from power surges can be present on any metallic conductor including power lines telephone lines computer data lines and cable feeds Therefore surge protection should installed on all circuits within a system Us assistance in selecting the right surge protection devices for your particular application please call technical support staff at 1.888.472.6100 Solutions Protection End Tilt Zoom Data Video Video Line at Camera DVR Surge and UPS Rack Mount Surge Protector Video Surge Protection Channel IP Video Protection In Out Data Rate PoE Channel PoE Protection In Out 48V Power CAT5e Data Rate Camera Surge Protector In Out Data Video single camera or PTZ PoE Camera Surge Protector In Out Pair Power 2 Pair Data single device Support 1 888 472 6100 Fire Alarm Protection SERIES Surge Solution AC Power NAC IDC SLC dialers protection on addressable panels panels building to signal runs Alarm Panel Power Surge Protector Configuration Filtering A Surge Current Power Surge Protector Configuration Design A Surge Current Alarm Control Panel Surge Protection Series Data Signal Surge Protector Design Pairs per Module A Surge Current Surge Protector Pair Connection DTK MRJ31X2 for two line protection Protection Series Pairs Module Pairs Module Circuit Protection Terminal Strip with Replaceable Module to Ten Pair Protection Point Ground Mounting Base 2 Dialer Circuits Terminal Strip with Replaceable Module to Ten Pair Protection Point Ground Mounting Base 1 2 4 or 8 Pairs 5V 130V Circuits Terminal Strip or 10 12 AWG or Multiple Circuit Protection Series CAT5e PoE for 1 2 or 4 Pair Protection 4 Data Pairs Voltages 5V 130V Data Rate RJ14 RJ45 Mod Jack Device Protection Mod Jack Device 12 Port 1U Rack 16 Port 2U Rack Mount 24 48V Power Data Rate Mod Jack Power Ethernet Device or 12 Port Rack Mount Series 1,2,4,6,12 or 25 Pairs 25 Pairs 1 Pair 5V 130V Circuits Down Hard Wire or Multiple Circuit Protection for 12V 130V Circuits for 5V 130V Circuits Mass Termination Amphenol Socket Block Snap On Protection Fit Key Questions to Ask is the service voltage is the connection method many pairs to protect Support 1 888 472 6100 Control Protection Strike Mag Locks Control Panels 24V Systems Panel 2 4 or 8 Pair Keypads Readers Gate Spacing Protection System Surge Protection Protection Kit Protector with Retention Screw RJ Connected Dialer Protector Station Dialer Protection Pair Connection DTK RJ31X2P for Line Dialer Protection System Surge Protection AC Outlet with Retention Screw Two Line Dialer Protection Protects 24V Power Hardwired Grade AC Power Protection Industrial AC Surge Protection 100kA 400kA Surge Ratings Modular and Non Modular Designs EMI RFI Filtering UL Listed to UL 1449 2 Edition 2007 Available for 9 Voltage Configurations from Single Phase to 600V Three Phase Numerous Options Surge Protection Commercial Grade Surge Protector 75kA Phase Surge Current Listed to UL 1449 2 Edition 2007 Available for 4 Voltage Configurations 120V Single Phase to 277 480V Phase EMI RFI Filtering Flush Mount Kit Available Branch Panel Circuit Surge Protector 22,500 A Phase Surge Current Listed to UL 1449 2 Edition 2007 Models for 120VAC 120 240VAC and 240VAC Critical Load Surge Protector 39,000 A Phase Surge Current Series Connection Fast Response Meets UL 1449 2 Edition 2007 Four Stage Protection EMI RFI Noise Filtering Series A Phase Surge Current to UL 1449 2 Edition 2007 Filtering LEDs for 120 240VAC with and Audible Alarm Surge Arrester 50kA or 100kA Phase Surge Current UL Listed Available for 120 240V Circuits NEMA 4X Enclosure Surge Arrester 75kA or 100kA Phase Surge Current UL Listed Available for Single Phase and Three Phase Circuits 120V 600V NEMA 4X Enclosure Diagnostic LEDs Questions to Ask is the voltage configuration is the service voltage is the maximum service current many wires including ground Support 1 888 472 6100 Corporation continues to lead the industry in the and manufacture of low voltage surge protection and systems unparalleled protection commercial industrial and residential applications CCTV Surveillance Systems Fire and Alarm Electrical Power Access Control Voice and Data applications DITEK ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Largo FL a highly trained and culturally diverse workforce utilizes equipment and lean manufacturing methodologies DITEK Technical Support Team is available 24 7 to application or installation questions by phone or Internet live chat Live and web based product training CEU and co

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