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DTK S Series Block Quick Connect Surge Protection Product Specifications Guide S A 150mA current DTK S B 2A current suffix denotes UL497A Listed suffix denotes UL497B Listed Service Voltage 14V 30V 130V DTK S30A DTK S95B For low capacitance digital lines order Data DTK ZSI6A only DITEK Snap It quick connect line protector is The Snap It provides both voltage current limiting in addition to surge protection in four different voltages the DTK S makes digital line protection a Series Features Quick connect module no bridge clips required Each Snap It protects one digital line pair Field replaceable with built in diagnostic test points Self resetting fusing Models available for both current limited and lines and for low capacitance digital lines Features Approvals UL497A UL497B Method Stab connection to 66 Block Continuous Current 150mA A models Surge Current 120 Amps per pair 5V B models Amps per pair 14V 30V Amps per pair 50V Amps per pair 130V Modes Tip Ground Ring Ground Temperature 40 158 40 70 Humidity 95 non condensing 1.56 x 3.24 x 38 x 82.3mm x 9.6mm 5oz 14g High Impact Plastic Ten Year Limited Warranty Ground Bus part number DTK SIGB Each 66 Block requires one ground bar UL Listing N A DITEK Center Starkey Road FL 33771 Support 1 888 472 6100 Number SPS 100056 001 Rev 3 2 12 DITEK Corp Subject to Change

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