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DTK TSS1 Surge Solution Fire Panel Protection for AC Power and Loop Circuits Product Specifications Total Surge Solution TSS is a range of that provide total surge protection for and conventional alarm systems TSS1 protects 120V AC power and two to pairs of SLC IDC NAC and dialer circuits TSS1 is equipped with DTK 120SR 120VAC protection and a prewired DTK 5MB base for loop protection Adding DTK modules or 2MHTP modules a custom solution for your system protection simple installation high and field replaceable modules make the a perfect fit for addressable alarm systems control panels Features Surge protection for AC Power NAC IDC and loops 20A current rated 54kA surge rated AC protection 20kA surge rated low voltage suppression Field replaceable surge modules for NAC IDC SLC circuits Ten Year Limited Warranty NEMA TYPE 1 steel enclosure with latching cover UL Listed Industrial Control Panel Enclosure Weight 11 lb 5 kg Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4 x 305mm x 102mm Operating temperature 40 F to 175 F to 80 Voice Data protection modules DTK 2MHLP required voltage DTK 2MHTP Telco lines DTK TSS2 120V AC and four line low voltage surge protection DTK TSS3 four line low voltage protection for runs 2MHLP mounting bases DTK xMB shown with 2MHLP Data Protection Modules included AC Protection Features Agency Approvals UL1449 3rd Edition UL1283 Protector Type Type 4 SPD for Type 2 Application Nominal Discharge Current Rating In 3kA SCCR 10kA Operating Voltage 120VAC MCOV 150VAC Peak Surge Current 54,000 Amps LED function indicators EMI RFI filtering Voltage Protection Features Hard wire base for replaceable suppression modules DTK 2MHLP modules are UL497B listed DTK 2MHTP telco modules are UL497A listed 2MHLP low voltage modules protect two data signal each The TSS1 with 2MHLP modules can power and up to ten data signal pairs Available voltages 5VDC 130VDC Maximum continuous current 5A per module DTK 2MHLPTM Test Bridging module is included See DTK 2MHLP DTK 2MHTP DTK 120SR Datasheets detailed specifications on SLC IDC NAC Dialer Power DITEK Center Starkey Road FL 33771 Direct 1 727 812 5000 Support 1 888 472 6100 Number SPS 100004 001 Rev 10 11 11 DITEK Corp Subject to Change

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