Ditek VSPBNCA Series Datasheet

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DTK VSPBNCA Series Line Surge Protector Product Specifications VSPBNCA video surge protectors to protect a variety of video Whether the need is for video on CCTV cameras or DVRs VSPBNCA products provide protection without signal loss Single Channel Dual Channel Features Protects analog or digital video data lines Small footprint makes installation easy Recommended for applications where AC power already protected Can protect one or two lines Features Dimensions 9 x2.0 W x 3.3 23 x 51 x 84mm Weight 2.5oz 71g Housing ABS Warranty Ten Year Limited Warranty Specifications Connection Method BNC Female In Out Band Pass Range 0Hz 2GHz Standing Wave Ratio SWR 1.2 1 Insertion Loss 3dB Impedance 75 Ohms Protection Modes Center Pin Shield Shield G Voltage Clamping DVR CP Shield Shield G Surge Current A DITEK Center Starkey Road FL 33771 Direct 1 727 812 5000 Support 1 888 472 6100 SPS 100029 001 Rev 2 9 07 DITEK Corp Subject to Change

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