Fike 135 degrees 190 degrees - Rate of Rise Thermal Detectors D1175

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Architect and Engineering Specification with 6 base FEATURES Both detectors employ a 12o minute rate of rise or 190 fixed temperature or 4 wire base compatibility relay bases available UL Listed spacing up to 60 by 60 Highly stable operation RF Transient protection Power Alarm LEDs confirm detector status Compatible with 63 1024 and 67 1033 standby current 35mA nominal built in power alarm LEDs for 360 viewing Electronic Operation and their bases Voltage Voltage Voltage Current Current Current Temperature Rating Case Material 7.5 7.5 30.0 VDC 33.0 VDC VDC A 24 VDC max 24 VDC max 24 VDC to 120 to 49 Contacts max 24 V PC ABS Blend MODULE MODULE MODULE MODULE MODULE RATE OF RISE DETECTORS 60 1029 135O 60 1030 190O L Listed S4067 Approval in process 7270 0410 151 284 91E Vol IV 135o 190o fixed temperature rate of rise heat detectors suited for installation where high heat output fires are or in areas where ambient conditions would not use of other detection methods Heat detectors are for protection of property Do not rely on heat for life safety protection Where life safety is concern smoke detectors must also be used A UL listed alarm panel must electronically supervise the heat fixed temperature rate of rise heat detectors are suited detect in the presence of slow or fast rising temperatures to burning combustibles The construction of these incorporate a thermistor heat element protected damage by the built in durable plastic guard These heat detectors incorporate two power alarm LEDs 360 indication of status In standby condition the power flash Green In an alarm condition the LEDs latch on The electronic heat detection circuitry performs the function as a Mechanical Device but with Electronic If the heat rise is less than 12 the detector not alarm until it reaches its alarm temperature 135 190 7.5 If the heat rise is greater than 12 detector will alarm immediately giving an early warning and latching the Red alarm LEDs on 1999 Issue S 10th St P O Box 610 Blue Springs MO 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 Fax 816 229 4615 E mail fpssales fike com SPECIFICATIONS heat detectors where ambient temperatures do not exceed 120 shall be the 60 1029 fixed temperature heat detector rated at 135 For areas where ambient temperatures exceed 120 but not 160 the 60 fixed temperature rate of rise heat detector rated at 190 shall be used detectors shall be installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association Standard 72 the spacing by Underwriters Laboratories and in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the local authorities jurisdiction Automatic heat detectors shall be Underwriters Laboratories listed NO D1175 Copyright 1999 by Fike Corporation All rights reserved PRINTED IN U S A

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