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Architect and Engineer Specification base system suited for Fire Alarm Clean Agent Suppression Dioxide Suppression and Sprinkler Pre Action Detection and Control Systems Communication Protocol with addressable de and sensors to increase communication reliabil and immunity to noise time of less than 3 seconds for fully loaded to 240 zones to map initiating devices to control func Signaling Line Circuits SLC which support up to addressable points distances of over 6000 possible meets style 4 6 or 7 either 120Vac 240Vac 50 60 Hz or 24Vdc supply capable of supporting 508 points plus A usable power plus 65 Ah of standby battery Notification Appliance Circuits NAC 2.0A each Alarm Trouble and Supervisory SPDT re 30 Vdc 2A 110Vac 0.5A continuous and one resettable auxiliary power out 2.0A each function provides three input types cross counting zone and single detector and 6 abort software and firmware integration utilizing Key code construction and Intelligent Output controls Character LCD display with 8 status LEDs to pro instant visual information field programmable without requiring use a personal computer Learn mode allows quicker reliable system levels of password protection with built in individual profiles Control System S2203 LEVEL CS401 CS770 0B4A6 AY 7165 0900 115 York City MEA266 97 E function 24 button keypad event history buffer with dedicated 600 event buffer levels of adjustable pre alarm thresholds for smoke to provide early warning indication of potential conditions Day Night smoke sensor sensitivity adjust with Weekend and Holiday schedule adjustments sensitivity testing in accordance w NFPA 72 Drift Compensation routines used on ad sensors to compensate for dust dirt accu Walktest capability with optional notification appliance Enclosure 21.125 X 14.625 X 4 capable of mounting without additional equipment optional internal modules Loop Module adds 2 SLCs to Cheetah raises addressable analog point capacity to 508 Relay Module adds 4 independently program SPDT relays per module 2 modules max 110Vac 0.5A Power Supply adds 5.0A of usable power a system total of 10.0A of usable power Also sup an additional 65 Ah of standby battery capacity Reverse Polarity Module adds off premise re polarity transmission of alarm supervisory and conditions NFPA 72 Remote Station Card allows ability to network up to 8 Cheetah providing over 4000 addressable points In addi the system is capable of supporting up to 4000 feet each panel optional external modules Ion and Heat detectors available on a 4 or 6 base Output Module provides steady state or user modulation allowing use of a single cir to annunciate different conditions Releasing Module suppports 12V or 24V so up to six 6 Fike Agent Release Modules ARM supports off premise transmission via interface to a NFPA 72 Auxiliary 2002 www fike com S 10th Street P O Box 610 cid 127 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A cid 127 816 229 3405 cid 127 Fax 816 229 0314 cid 127 Module provides 2 independently programmable relays 30Vdc 2A 110 Vac 0.5A Response Contact Module provides normally open normally closed dry contact monitoring Available in packages mounted to a 4 square faceplate or a version for universal mounting Module provides NFPA style 7 communication SLC Alarm Communicator Transmitter DACT NFPA and 72 Remote Station Interface Level Interface HLI Provides an intelligent two interface to a maximum of 50 Vesda LaserPLUS Scanner and Laser Com detectors Graphic Annunciator Tracker provides a user friendly windows pc configuration for ease of installation Remote Display provides a remote two interface of system status and user controls Cheetah Fike Detection and Control System is a micro based addressable system manufactured by Fike Systems in Blue Springs Missouri The SLC on the Cheetah Control System use an microprocessor and communication scheme to reliability and speed communications Reliability is by the Key Code programming techniques which construction of a Key Code similar to a combination a safe as events occur and the system begins to initiate sequence of events No control functions are initiated until proper Key Code is constructed Time The Cheetah response times measured the initiation of an alarm to activation of output devices SOMs and R2Ms are less than 3 seconds for the first Suppression modules SRM require about 0.25s each activate due to their extra confirmation coding These times are achieved by using an interrupt driven and using intelligent devices If the amount of smoke a threshold calculated by the Cheetah but stored in sensor the sensor will interrupt normal processing to the alarm condition to the control panel The control will then broadcast general messages to activate the control functions Since each control device main a custom configuration which defines its operating char control devices do not require individual commu from the control panel to operate drastically increas response times Buffers The Cheetah provides three history buffers can store up to 600 events each One is an event which logs each and every event which occurs the is an alarm buffer which logs only alarm events and third is a zone buffer which logs events occurring on of the 240 zones The Cheetah control system provides an intelligent interface to the Vesda LaserPLUS LaserPLUS and LaserPLUS Compact VN detectors As a two interface the Cheetah system processes and displays alarm and trouble signals from each LaserPLUS similar to the way it interfaces to a spot detector In functions such as acknowledge and reset performed the Cheetah will be performed at the LaserPLUS detector well A LaserPLUS detector may participate as a sup input or alarm only The Scanner version may be such that each sampling tube is specific to a zone Each time a LaserPLUS pre alarm or alarm is exceed Cheetah will display the programmed and the LaserPLUS real time obscuration value Cheetah Tracker is a windows based easy to method of configuring Cheetah It also provides the to upload configuration and history buffers from a panel for review and printout Annunciator The Cheetah is compatible with Intella Scan Graphic Annunciator For distances less 50 a RS 232 interface may be used directly from a panel to the annunciator For distances greater 50 the RS 485 port on Cheetah is used in conjunc with a special RS 485 to RS 232 converter Control System 120Vac Red Control System 120Vac Gray Control System 240Vac Red Control System 240Vac Gray Power Supply SPS 120VAC Power Supply SPS 240VAC Loop Module SLM Relay Module CRM4 Reverse Polarity Module Network Card Remote Display Assembly 7 AH Assembly 17 AH Tracker Device Programmer Detector Detector Detector base base 4 square s w Output Module Releasing Module ARM III and City Tie Interface Relay Module Detector Detector with relays Fike Corporation All rights reserved No previously 1109 are subject change without notice

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