Fike D 1 09 01 Cybercat 254 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control System

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FIKE CYBERCAT 254 FIRE ALARM CONTROL SYSTEM CyberCat 254 P N 10 066 is a state of the art true intelligent digital peer modular fire alarm control system It is ideal for all life safety and protection applications and is intended for both commercial and use It is designed with extensive programmability that allows the relay of information and the ability to perform process tasks with ease including shutdowns HVAC Voice Evacuation Dampers Doors Elevators and Security CCTV Building Management cost effective panel comes standard with one Signaling Line Circuit SLC supports 254 devices The 254 devices may be any mix and match of sensors modules The CyberCat utilizes extreme intelligence via its eclipse based including photoelectric photoelectric with heat ionization photoelectric and heat detectors It also utilizes Eclipse based modules such as the mini monitor relay intelligent pull station and control modules With every device communicates as a peer on the signaling line circuit These not only communicate up to the second information to the control panel also communicate with each other Each device is capable of generating and highly detailed information Conventional fire alarm systems give a idea of the fire location while the CyberCat intelligent sensors indicate which device is in an alarm state This intelligence provides incredible with response times as little as one quarter second between manual pull and notification appliance Its flexibility allows you to attach the intelligent that are required for your specific application System is programmed with either the Windows based field configuration C LINXTM or through a comprehensive password protected front panel programming options This option allows you to quickly update and adapt any future requirements or changes in the system such as changes in or remodeling The sophisticated control panel circuitry coupled with software allows you to read specific information and sensitivity levels of the Eclipse devices The sensors also compensate for any changes due to contamination or other environmental factors Operation CyberCat Control system operates on a Zone and State relationship In this all input and output devices must be assigned to at least one zone or to all 254 are available each one defining an area to be protected Input devices be assigned up to four zones one zone is typical and output devices may be for up to 254 zones devices use the SLC signaling line circuits to exchange status information other devices as well as with the control panel When an input is activated it configured to cause its associated zone to enter into an operational state Any device will cause its associated zone to enter into an alarm state The devices are configured to activate to protect and evaluate the endangered This system is completely modular allowing you the flexibility to design a that is just right for your application A typical configuration is shown on 2 that illustrates the communications of a CyberCat system Cybercat 254 UL S2203 FM 3020297 City of Denver CSFM 7165 0900 137 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No D 1.09.01 4 Cont FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Cybercat features are designed to save lives and protect your valuable capital through unprecedented speed intelligence and flexibility These features Two 24VDC 2A NAC bell circuits on main board with built in System Sensor or synchronization protocol 254 user defined zones 80 character backlit LCD display Real time clock 3200 event history buffer Critical process monitoring One person Walktest capability Disable by circuit or zone Drill function at panel and remote Provides solenoid releasing operation Alarm verification Easy to add remove devices Diagnostic menus Removable terminal blocks for field wiring Local piezo with distinct event tones 10 Status LEDs to easily identify system status Optional point ID DACT Module available Supports up to 31 peripheral devices such as Remote Display LED Graphic and Annunciators 2 FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Cont 6 amps useable alarm power Operation from 120VAC 60 Hz or 240 VAC 50 Hz Two 24V DC 2A continuous auxiliary power outputs One 24VDC 2A resettable auxiliary power output Supports up to 75AH of batteries Line Circuit Address devices with Infrared IR tool similar to remote control device One SLC loop NFPA style 4 or 6 254 devices True peer to peer digital protocol for extremely fast and reliable communications Auto address function Automatic day night sensitivity adjustment Automatic holiday sensitivity adjustment Acclimate operation for sensors IR Tool provides ability to read sensitivity levels or perform remote test of device Devices contain multi color LED for quick reference of device status Sensors provide early warning pre alarm detection and can also provide a summing up to eight sensors Circuit Two NAC circuits standard Rated at 24VDC 2.0 Amps maximum Built in synch protocol for System Sensor Gentex and Wheelock devices SYSTEM MODULES Controller P N 10 2525 Controller contains the power supply microprocessor hardware interface and keypad The controller internal power supply provides 2 Amps Standby Current 6 Amps Alarm Current Steel Enclosure 23.6 H x 14.35 W x 4 D Back box dimensions Enclosure is equipped with a 0.50 wide lip to facilitate flush mounting Removable door for ease of installation Two door options available with or without lexan cover on oval opening Available in red or black Dead Front option available ID Dact Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter Module P N 10 2528 DACT provides interface with Central Station monitoring systems It is with 5 contact zones of connection OR the intelligent serial interface provides point ID information The Contact ID form is the preferred format It provides a four digit account code followed by a three digit code a two digit group number and a three digit contact number all of are used to provide specific point identification This DACT can also an SIA or 4 2 Pulse reporting format Note 10 2476 is same as 10 2528 enclosure for external mounting 3 SYSTEM MODULES Cont Relay Module P N 10 2204 CRM4 provides 4 additional independently programmed relays CyberCat Control supports up to 2 CRM4 modules if either options are not unused on the main board Each relay may be wired across normally open or normally closed Dimensions 3 1 2 L x 1 1 2 H x 2 D Weight 0.10 lbs Reverse Polarity Module CRPM P N 10 2254 reverse polarity module provides the ability for UL Remote Station supervision This is typically performed with a direct leased line connection It interfaces to the control board using four standoffs supplied with the RPM 3 1 2 L x 1 1 2 H x 2 D Weight 0.08 lbs Remote LCD Display P N 10 2321 module provides information about the host CyberCat System in a remote location receives the intelligent data stream from the RS485 output of the CyberCat The remote provides the capability to remotely reset silence and acknowledge the main control Security to the unit is available via the standard Fike key It mounts to a 5 gang box Raco 694 The unit can be surface or flush mounted 9 7 32 L x 3 3 4 H x 2 1 2 D Weight 2 lbs Zone Annunciator P N 10 2373 Zone Annunciator provides instant visual status of up to 10 zones of fire protection zone has a red Alarm LED and yellow Trouble Supervisory LED Each LED is programmable for zone s and state s Each LED can be labeled using Avery 6467 or 5418 The annunciator also has an internal piezo to provide instant audible of status change It is intended to be powered via the CyberCat panel 24VDC power It communicates with the main control panel via RS485 communication annunciator provides the capability to remotely reset silence and acknowledge the control panel Security to the unit is available via the standard Fike key It mounts to 5 gang masonary box Raco 694 The unit can then be surface or flush mounted following system modules are available for the CyberCat Control System Ne

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