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GAS CARTRIDGE ACTUATOR Gas Cartridge Actuator GCA Fike P N 70 1651 provides the necessary to fully open all Fike Clean Agent containers utilizing a Fike fast acting disc assembly The GCA consists of a stainless steel body containing two of bridge wires and a charge of smokeless powder Operation of the GCA when an electric current is sent through the bridge wires causing the powder to ignite This generates the necessary pressure to open the disc and discharge the agent in the Clean Agent container GCA is not an explosive device and cannot be used as a detonator time for the GCA is 10 milliseconds Operating temperature range for GCA is 32o to 130oF 0o to 54.4oC for HFC 227ea systems For systems the maximum operating temperature is 120oF 49oC GCA is designed to operate in all Fike Clean Agent system containers with and 2 1 2 valves and also containers with 3 valves with single disc packs device is designed to operate by two methods of actuation Electrical input from a Fike Control Unit or Interface Firing Module IFM through an Agent Release Module ARM Input from an optional independent Fike Manual Actuator GCA has two sets of threads the 3 8 24 UNF 20 thread is used to install GCA in either 1 or 2 1 2 25 or 65mm valved containers and the 7 16 20 thread is used to install the GCA in the 3 80mm valved containers modification to the valve assemblies should be noted that for retrofit systems the junction box for the ARM GCA need to be longer and or larger than was required for the ARM detonator Life GCA is a sealed device utilizing a glass seal and epoxy plug on the wire end a mylar seal on the discharge end This extends the actuator continuous and shelf life to 10 years before it requires replacement Classification GCA will not detonate any explosive materials or products It has a U S of Transportation classification of Class 1.4 Compatibility Group S Shipping Number UN0323 classification allows this device to be shipped on any type of carrier ocean containers such as commercial airlines as well as all forms of carriers without special handling permits and or licensing Cartridge Actuator UL Listed Ex 4623 FM Approved HFC 227EA 0Y4A8 AF ECARO 25TM 3014476 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No C 1.26.01 2 CARTRIDGE ACTUATOR DETAILS 1016mm Ref Wires Red Blue 89mm Hex Plug AWG Solid Copper Insulated Wires Actuator Wires Body UNF 2A Thread 1 25mm 65mm Valves UNF 2A Thread 3 80mm Valves CARTRIDGE ACTUATOR DETAILS Actuator Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No C 1.26.01 2 March 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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