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SOLENOID ACTUATOR KIT used to Solenoid Actuator Kit Fike P Ns 70 121 1 and 70 121 2 the clean agent or carbon dioxide selector valve The actuation utilizes a 24 VDC electric solenoid with manual actuator button that is to a small cylinder filled with nitrogen Operation of the actuator by either an electrical input from a fire control panel or by operation of a manual actuator of the actuator will pierce the sealing disc of the nitrogen cylinder nitrogen to flow into the actuator on the selector valve in turn opening ball valve When electrically or manually actuated a red pin protrudes from the of the solenoid indicating the solenoid has been operated Solenoid Actuator Kit is required per selector valve being operated Solenoid Solenoid Actuator Kit includes a 24VDC electric solenoid which can be or manually activated the event of facility power failure and battery back up failure the Fike system can still be manually operated To initiate the manual operation remove the locking pin and press the red manual activation located on the electric solenoid This will initiate the discharge sequence activated the solenoid is reset by utilizing the reset tool Fike P N 70 1851 replacing the nitrogen cylinder Cylinder Solenoid Actuator Kit comes equipped with a seamless 210 ml sealed for nitrogen cylinder The cylinder has a charge pressure of 157 176 barg 2350 psig and a net weight of 39 grams 1.4 oz nitrogen cylinder is a non regulated pressurized cylinder and is not restricted when shipped by ground air or rail transportation The nitrogen cylinder a outlet and is threaded into the bottom of the solenoid A cap rupture retains the nitrogen in the cylinder A pin in the electric solenoid will pierce cap rupture disc allowing nitrogen to flow from the cylinder and to the clean discharge valve assembly Solenoid Actuator Kit comes equipped with the necessary items for within three feet 1 m of the selector valve being operated The distance the solenoid actuator can be mounted from the selector valve 42 13.0 m when utilizing either 1 4 x 0.020 wall thickness stainless steel or 1 4 Schedule 40 pipe Actuator Kit Approved Clean Agent SAV 3014476 Selector Valve 3015909 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No C 1.39.01 2 Actuator Kit Cylinder Cylinder Solenoid Actuator Supply Voltage 24 VDC Coil Resistance 28 ohm Maximum Supervision Current 30mA Minimum Fire Current 1.0 amp Cylinder Filling Pressure 157 176 barg 2350 2640 psig Volume 210 ml Maximum Exposure Temperature 71o C 160o F Classification 2.2 Shipping Number UN1066 Weight 3.0 kg 6.6 lbs MANUAL PIN PLUG DIN SERIES 43650 CONNECTOR NPT X 1 4 JIC ELBOW Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No C 1.39.01 2 March 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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