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SELECTOR VALVES Valves allow a single agent supply to be utilized for protection of hazards reducing the total amount of agent required Valves are used to direct the flow of agent Clean Agent or Carbon into one specific hazard of a multiple hazard application Selector Valve body is available in either carbon steel or stainless steel The is a ball valve that blocks the flow of agent through the piping network until valve is activated Valve actuation is accomplished either manually or actuation is accomplished by removing a ring pin and pushing a manual button down Electric actuation is accomplished when an electrical is received by the 24V DC electric solenoid Both of these actuation result in the opening of a nitrogen cartridge that pneumatically opens Selector Valve Each Selector Valve is equipped with valve position monitor gives a visual indication if the valve is open or closed typical Selector Valve assembly is made up of the following items Selector Valve with Actuator and relief pop off valve Solenoid Actuator Kit check valve and Degree Elbow SST Flexible Hose x 3 Long Valves are available in 1 1 2 and 3 with NPT threads Reducing are utilized when connecting to a 1 or 2 pipe For details on Solenoid Actuator Kit refer to Fike Data Sheet Number C 1.39.01 Selector Valve is installed in the supply piping for the hazard being protected valves can be mounted in either the horizontal or vertical position All the parts are provided to install the Solenoid Actuator within 3 feet 0.9 m the Selector Valve The Solenoid Actuator can be located up to 42 feet from the Selector Valve Valves FM Approved 3015909 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 4615 www fike com No C 1.38.01 4 Number Information No Valve 1 Valve 1 Valve 2 Valve 3 Type 25 mm NPT Female 40 mm NPT Female 50 mm NPT Female 80 mm NPT Female Options XX XX B CD Threaded Selector Valve 1 1 1 2 2 3 Carbon Steel Selector Valve Body Stainless Steel Selector Valve Body DOT Nitrogen Cylinder Information Number 25 mm 40 mm 50 mm 80 mm Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No C 1.38.01 4 March 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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