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Clean Agent Suppression Systems and Engineering Specifications with existing approved releasing control from any one of three different inputs up to 20 Agent Release Modules the ARM circuit test mode programmable output contact Interface Firing Module IFM Fike P N 10 2136 is de to allow an existing control panel approved for re service to connect with a Fike Clean Agent sys IFM is designed to operate from any one of three dif input signals from a listed control panel Contact dry contact closure from a releasing circuit of a UL listed panel will cause the IFM to enter the release state the contacts are closed for a minimum of 1.1 seconds Reversal polarity reversal circuit input from a releasing circuit of a listed releasing control panel will cause the IFM to enter release state after the polarity signal is reversed for at 1.1 seconds The listed releasing control panel super MODULE MODULE MODULE MODULE MODULE FIRING LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL Listed S5566 this circuit by allowing current to flow in one direction normal operation and the reverse direction during the state When the IFM enters a trouble state and after power up the IFM opens the polarity re circuit to signal a trouble at the control panel The reversal circuit can be wired for Class A or Class B If wired for Class B operation the EOL resistor be installed across terminal 5 and 8 Value determined specific panel manufacturer Firing series firing circuit from a compatible control panel which UL listed for releasing operation will cause the IFM to the release state after a sufficiently large current is through the circuit for at least 1.1 seconds The panel the circuit by passing a lesser current level the circuit When the IFM enters a trouble state immediately after power up the IFM opens the series circuit to signal a trouble on the control panel IFM is provided with an agent release circuit that is of connecting with up to 20 Containers Agent Re Modules ARM III Fike P N 10 1832 It also super the integrity of the ARM circuit via Class B wiring by a 1.5K ohm end of line device connected at the activation of any one of the three types of inputs for a of at least 1.1 seconds the IFM will energize the III module s which in turn fires the actuator s to re the agent programmable output contact is a form A dry contact can be set via Dip switches for NO or NC operation also can be programmed for activation upon trouble or alarm IFM is a power limited device which requires 24VDC power from the existing control panel module is designed to electrically isolate the input cir from the output circuits to provide flexibility 2000 Issue S 10th St P O Box 610 cid 127 Blue Springs MO 64013 0610 U S A cid 127 816 229 3405 cid 127 Fax 816 229 4615 cid 127 E mail fpssales fike com IFM is housed in an enclosure 4 x 3 x 1.5 10.2 x x 3.81 cm This housing can be mounted in the con panel or a separate enclosure An optional metal enclo 10 x 6 x 2.5 25.4 x 15.24 x 6.35 cm with cover is P N 10 2137 wiring shall be with conductors approved for use in this The IFM includes a removable terminal strip can accommodate wiring sizes from 18 to 14 AWG RATINGS Operating Voltage Current Normal Release Trouble VDC mA Max mA Max mA Max Polarity Reversal Input Maximum supervision voltage Maximum release voltage Minimum release voltage VDC VDC VDC Minimum release current required mA Series Firing Input Maximum supervision current Minimum release current Maximum release voltage Minimum release voltage Typical input impedance mA mA VDC VDC ohm Dry Contact Input Maximum Voltage across contact Maximum Current through contact VDC mA Dry Contact Output Rating Maximum voltage Maximum current VDC A ARM Circuit rating Maximum Agent Release Modules DIAGRAM III 10 1832 III 10 1832 OHM WATT TO 20 AGENT RELEASE PER CIRCUIT one of three outputs Monitor Circuit release or trouble Listed Control Panel For Releasing Service VDC Power EOL FIRING RELEASE CONTACT INPUT REVERSAL SHOWN IN CONDITION FIRING CIRCUIT CONTACT INPUT 0.2 AMP NO D1099 Copyright 2000 by Fike Corporation All rights reserved PRINTED IN U S A

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