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INTELLIGENT MODULES Eclipse protocol manufactured by System Sensor is a peer to peer all digital from that allows for numerous applications such as fire security access HVAC control Eclipse series intelligent modules provides faster device time with more flexibility than ever possible before This digital protocol enables pinpoint accuracy in as little as a quarter second interference problems that can plague other systems Eclipse system distributes intelligence to the networked devices In fact Eclipse every networked device into a peer capable of generating messages readable the entire system Additionally with Eclipse no special communication cables required making it ideal for retrofit applications isolator versions have on board short circuit isolators to prevent shorts on the line circuit SLC from disabling all devices on the intelligent loop monitor and control modules can be used to supervise and activate strobes door closers pull stations waterflow switches and more Each is rigorously designed and tested for electromagnetic compatibility and reliability in many cases exceeding industry standards Full size mount in a standard 4 x 4 x 2 1 8 junction box Wiring terminals are accessible for troubleshooting purposes Relay modules are to be designed for products connected to an alarm system and the mini monitor module can the wiring to the device for open circuits via an end of line resistor Monitor Modules are used to monitor the normally open contacts of an auxiliary device In addition monitoring the contact the device will supervise the wiring to the device for open circuits via an end of line resistor device is capable of class A or class B operation Also capable of short circuit detection small size of the 55 045 55 050 Mini Monitor Module allows it to fit inside devices or junction boxes behind Also capable of short circuit detection Control Modules are used to switch an external power supply or audio amplifier to notification The devices will supervise the wiring to the auxiliary device for open and short circuits via an end of line The control module will also have the capability to monitor the external power input for loss of power voltage supplies only This module is capable of Class A or Class B operation Relay Modules are designed for use in activation of products that are connected to an intelligent fire system It provides two sets of Form C contacts that switch together one DPDT relay There is also an input is capable of monitoring a dry set of contacts for open or closed conditions Releasing Module are designed to provide reliable operation of a solenoid or Agent Release Module for clean agent carbon dioxide and pre action sprinkler deluge system actuation Each releasing module is from inadvertent operation by an intelligent switch which requires transmission of a complex code before the releasing output This module is capable of providing up to 2.0 amps 24 VDC of output power for applications The releasing module requires a separate 24 VDC power source in addition to the SLC Configuration IR Tool is a remote control designed to communicate with Eclipse devices via infrared IR The remote control will give the user the ability to communicate with the panel and other devices through any device on the loop The 55 051 can read device information such as type loop and address along with set address branch and service date It can also initiate a walk test and a device test The 55 051 features a liquid crystal display and a 17 button keypad IR Tool 55 051 S 10th Street P O Box 610 Blue Springs Missouri 64013 0610 U S A 816 229 3405 816 229 0314 www fike com No P 1.53.01 1 Relay Contact Ratings 3.0 A 30VDC resistive non coded 2 A 30VDC resistive coded 0.9 A 70.7VAC resistive non coded 0.7 A 70.7VAC inductive PF 35 non coded 55 051 Dimensions 1.3 H x 2.2 W x 7.7 L Communication Range Up to 30 feet Battery Life 168 hours typical usage Operating Temperature Range 32o to 122oF Relative Humidity 10 to 90 RH non condensing 55 041 55 046 Standby Current 485 mA max continuous broadcasts IDC Voltage 5.4VDC max VMaximum IDC Wiring Resistance 100 ohms 55 045 55 050 Standby Current 485 mA max continuous broadcasts 745 mA max continuous broadcasts IDC Shorted IDC Voltage 5.4VDC max Wire Length 6.5 Maximum IDC Wiring Resistance 100 ohms FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Peer to Peer Communication Distributed intelligence Greater system design freedom Digital communication protocol Numerous applications Fire Security Access and HVAC Fast response time Superior noise immunity Low standby current Mounts to standard 4 junction box Wiring terminals easily accessible Communicate with the devices via hand held Module Specifications Operating Voltage 15 30VDC Alarm Current 2.0 mA red LED on Temperature Range 32o to 120oF 0o to 49oC Relative Humidity 10 to 93 non condensing Dimensions tool 55 045 55 050 2.7 W x 1.3 H x 0.6 D Others 4.26 W x 4.2 H x 1.2 D 55 042 55 047 Standby Current Avg 560 mA max avg continuous External Power Supply 9 80VDC Normal Range 0 Trouble Range End of Line Resistance 39 k ohms included Maximum VAC Circuit Wiring Resistance 100 Ohms Standby Current 500 mA max avg continuous Dry Contact Short Circuit Current 30 mA max avg MODELS Module Module Control Module Monitor Module Module Module Module Control Module Monitor Module Module Module Barrier Mount Box IR Tool Versions Model No Versions Model No Fike Corporation All Rights Reserved No P 1.53.01 1 July 2005 Specifications are subject to change without notice

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